Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Review: The Unwanted Wife by Natasha Anders

Theresa de Luca loved her husband Alessandro when they got married, she thought that he loved her as well. She knows that he wants a son, he tells her repeatedly but when she can’t get pregnant she knows that him loving her will never happen.   What she didn’t know was that he only married her for one reason and he believes she married him for a different reason as well.  She has had enough of the cold hearted husband she married and is ready to leave.  When she tells Alessandro she wants a divorce he does not take the news very well.  He finds that maybe he doesn’t want to let her go after all, too bad that Theresa has her mind set but can it be changed?

Alessandro has not put any effort into his marriage at all expect to attempt to get Theresa pregnant.  He needs a son.  He treats Theresa horribly, he refuses to divorce her or let her go.  When Theresa finally does become pregnant, he should be praying for the son he has wanted but things have changed.  He doesn’t want to let Theresa go but fears that too much time has past and his actions towards her have sealed his fate and he will lose her once the baby is born. Can he win her heart and heal the damage he has done or will Theresa walk away?  Well I am not going to give you the answer you have to read it duh.

This book will make you cry, break your heart and put it back together all at the same time.  You feel Theresa’s pain from the start and wonder how she has stayed for as long as she has with some of the shit that Alessandro has pulled in the short time they have been married.  You also start to open up to Alessandro as well and while you find out the reason why he was like that to her it pisses you off but at the same time you feel for him as well.  You begin to want Alessandro to win Theresa back.

The Unwanted Wife is one emotional roller coaster, especially if you have ever had problems in your marriage or relationship and have felt unwanted by the one you love.  We all have our go to authors when we are feeling down and I have one I go to when I need to laugh and just be picked up, but when I am having problems in my marriage I pick up the Unwanted Wife and read it.  I will admit I think I have read this book at least 6 times, for some reason I can connect with Theresa when me and my husband are arguing.   The Unwanted Wife is a book of heart break, pain, second chances and forgiveness. I have cried each time I have read this and I will cry again the next time I read it as well.  This is one that will always be on my reread list and I highly recommend you putting is on your to be read lists as well.

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