Thursday, March 6, 2014

Review: Predator's Refuge by Rosanna Leo

Gemini Island….A safe haven for shifters. They’re free to be themselves and find their way. Have a little fun.

Anton has come to Gemini Island to start over. He’s royalty but has no plans to claim the throne. In fact, he would rather it all went away.

Marci has worked at Ursa Lodge for years. She’s always been awkward and she’s a late bloomer. She’s finally come into her lynx and she’s been trusted to run the lodge.

The problem? Marci’s lynx is in heat and wants Anton. Anton however won’t give in to Marci. He’s afraid to. He wants her, oh how he wants her, but he won’t do it!

New problem? Someone is attacking the shifters on the island, including Marci.

I love Marci’s lynx! That is one wild cat. She knows what she wants and will do anything to get it. Now she just has to get Anton to agree.

The chemistry between Anton and Marci leapt off the pages. They were so hot together. I found myself wanting to take a 2x4 to Anton! He was so stubborn! What is up with these stubborn men! But, once he gave in, it was HOT HOT HOT!

The mystery of the attacks on the shifters added a layer to the story and gave us some tension. The tension added to the story. It gave Anton the push he needed. The tension of the attacks didn’t over power the story of Marci and Anton, it enhanced it.

I’m loving this series. I’m looking forward to another story from Rosanna Leo. She just needs to write faster!

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Rosanna Leo said...

Thanks so much for a wonderful review!


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