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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Wet For Her Warriors By: Angel Payne

*Possible spoilers if you have not read the previous books in this series*

Tait “T-Bomb” Bommer and Kellan “Slash” Rush are sniper partners in the First Special Forces Group.  They are on a forced R & R after a mission gets messed up because Tait’s head wasn’t in the game.  He is still messed up from losing Luna, he loved her and he is mourning her death.  Kellan is beginning to worry about his brother, his best friend Tait.  If he can’t help Tait heal from his loss and begin to move on, then he will not be allowed to return to active duty.  These two used to be so close they didn’t even have to speak to know what the other was thinking.

When Lani breaks up a fight between the two of them, she thinks that they are there for another reason.  She is dealing with people trying to buy her land from her and her little brother.  Her home is all she has left of her parents since their death.  What she doesn’t need are two sexy as sin military men beating the crap out of each other one minute then verbally fighting the next. 

Tait, he is in a downward spiral since the death of Luna.  He loved her, stayed by her side while she was in the hospital after the explosion that put her in a coma.  He was by her side when she died.  He can’t get over her loss.  No one, not even Kellan has been able to help him.  When he sees Lani the resemblance to Luna makes his pain even worse.  He ends up being a total asshole to her and leaves her with Kellan.

Kellan is immediately attracted to Lani, she is special, and he can’t get enough of her.  He knows that he is supposed to be helping Tait heal but he is about to give up.  He can’t help someone who doesn’t want the help.  He knows that Tait is attracted to her, wants her too.  He knows that Lani may be the key to Tait’s healing, but is he willing to share her with his best friend, his brother, his teammate?

Lani has been taking care of her younger brother Leo since the death of their parents.  She is stubborn, bitchy at times, and doesn’t back down from anyone.  She doesn’t want to lose her family’s home but people determined to get what they want seemed to have blocked any way possible for her to keep it.  She doesn’t want to get attached to Kellan or Tait, she knows that they will be leaving so she tries to keep a wall or dome, around her heart. 

When the relationship between Lani and Kellan heats up and Tait is allowed in, is she able to keep them at a distance or will she be able to trust that they won’t hurt her?  The Doms in Tait and Kellan emerge and give Lani experiences that she will never forget, and let me tell you they are some pretty smoking hot scenes.

My heart broke for Tait, you could feel how much pain he was in from the loss of Luna.  It brought tears to my eyes how much he missed her, how hard he mourned her.  I felt for Kellan as well, he was trying to save the person he considered his brother and best friend and didn’t know what to do to pull him off the path of destruction he was headed on.  I will admit that I did get pissed at Kellan when he left Tait alone for so long, but I can understand why he did as well.  Lani I will admit I really didn’t like her at all, I wasn’t able to connect with her like I was able to with Tait and Kellan.  The way she acted at times made me want to slap her across the face.  Watching Tait finally be able to heal brought tears to my eyes once more because you know he has finally able to move past the loss of Luna and it took both Kellan and Lani to heal him.

I have read every book of this series and let me tell you each one gets better and better and hotter and hotter.  If you haven’t read the previous books in this series you need to, not only because these books are so damn good, but to get the back stories as well.  Angel Payne knows how to write about hot, sexy alpha military heroes that make your e-reader set fire.  I want more of these WILD boys and I want more now, I can’t wait for the next book to be released this summer.

Well, hello there! My name is Angel, and I’m so happy to meet you.

Like many, I’ve had a journey to get here.

I’ve loved reading all my life, and have been writing nearly that long, too. I think it started when I penned an 80-page novel about a time-traveling family for a 5th-grade school project. You could say I was hooked. In middle school, I moved to the hardcore stuff: the paragraph-at-a-time “swap-stories” with all my besties. (C’mon…don’t lie…you remember those too!) Needless to say, the stories featured lots of French kissing, mindless groping and angsty drama – but I knew I’d found a niche when I was invited to participate in several more swap-stories on campus.

Some years, various entertainment writing gigs and a half-dozen historical romances later, I discovered the world of erotica – and home. (Not to mention a great place for all that angst I never gave up.)  I love this genre – change that to love this genre – and hope my stories speak to your heart as well as your blood pressure, as well as your courage to explore new things and express your truth in beautiful new ways.

And where do I do all this? Well, if you ask my hubz, he’d likely say “on another planet,” especially if I’m in story-brewing mode! The rest of the time, I live in Southern California with him and our gorgeous child, where I’m abnormally interested in travel, coffee, wine, shoes, super heroes, fetish wear, ridiculous pop culture trends – but most of all, hearing from fellow readers and erotica lovers like you!

Remember: play safe, love completely and never, ever be ashamed to live your truth.

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Lisa W said...

Loving this one Angel! I'm reading slow because I want to savor every bit!

Elise-Maria Barton said...

Haven't read this yet because my TBR is ginormous, but just give me one teensy spoiler: I'm going to completely fall for Tait aren't I?

Claire said...

Loved the interview with the boys. Looking forward to reading this one!

Tina B said...

Great post! I just skimmed because I have not read the previous ones yet.
Love those images, though!

Lorraine said...

I just started this morning and OMG, this book is amazing! Tait, Kel and Lani are perfect for each other.

Unknown said...

Yeah, should finish book 4 tonight, so can start this one tomorrow. Can't wait. Although i am sad Luna died.

lorimeehan said...

The book sounds very intriguing. I love a good ménage.

bn100 said...

Interesting book


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