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Blog Tour: Angels in Leather (Rebels On Bikes #1) by Bella Jewel

Meadow was on the run.  Her father, as he died made her promise to run and deliver the package.  She knows if he catches her she’s dead.  He killed her father so he wouldn’t stop at killing her either, would he?  They used to be friends, he saved her life.  Meadow knows that something changed him into the dark person he is today.

Axel, the President of the Angels in Leather, needs to get his hands on Meadow and the information her father gave her.  They used to be friends, but the second her father betrayed him, he changed.  He is angry, dark and out to get what he wants and doesn’t care if he hurts Meadow to get it.

Meadow at times wants to stop the running.  She knows that if Axel gets his hands on her that it won’t be good, but she is a fighter and she promised her dad that she would deliver that package.  She hates Axel now.  He killed her father, took the only parent she had away from her.  She has been attracted to him for years but knows that he isn’t the same guy who used to come by and see her.  He is dark and mean and nothing like the man she used to know.  Seeing how much he had changed really hurt her, especially when he does something she never thought he would do just to get information.

Axel is seriously is screwed up.  He was betrayed by Meadow’s father and suffered at the hands of a rival MC.  He has nightmares, he isn’t the same person he used to be.  He is darker, angrier, a massive asshole and out to get that package from Meadow and doesn’t care what it takes to do it either, even if it means taking her life.  He knows that he has basically shut down all of his emotions but Meadow brings out more than hate or anger.  He doesn’t want to care about her but yet when her life is threatened (by someone else mind you) he protects her even while at the same time he is competing for the asshole of the year award.

When Axel and Meadow finally come together it is explosive, hot and dirty.  Axel’s issues, make him want sex a certain way and when he finds out that Meadow will give it to him it is almost like they were meant for each other.  Meadow helps to heal Axel even when she doesn’t know exactly what happened to him.  When tragedy strikes you see how much these two are a part of each other.  The connection is there from the start but the journey is not just a painful one but one that could have had them hating each other forever.

I really loved this book.  Angels In Leather at times is a dark, dirty read that had me addicted from the start.  It also is sexy and shows that even damaged people can be healed by the right person.  I couldn’t put this book down once I started and wanted more instantly when I finished.  Bella Jewel knows how to write an MC series and has not disappointed me yet. 

There are others who have made comments in regards to another series by another author who I also happen to love that have stated that Angels In Leather has aspects of that other series because the male character has issues, is an alpha, an asshole and dominant in not only his actions but words at the same time.  I am going to say that I am sorry but Angels In Leather is it’s OWN story, with it’s OWN characters and come on people let’s face it all MC books have some things in common but that does not mean that one author used what another has written for their own. Saying that only one author can have the alpha asshole depraved biker who has suffered something that marked them is like saying that no one else can have blue eyes because you do.  It just is immature and hurtful. 

Ms. Jewel has stated that this MC series will be the last she writes and Ms. Jewel if you are reading this review, please continue and don’t stop as the fans of your books want more.

“Fight me, don’t you stop,” Axel breathes into my ear. “I won’t hurt you, Cricket,” he murmurs, running his finger down the side of my face. “But I need you to fight.”

So, that’s what I do. 

I start by squirming, trying to twist my body around. He presses his body against mine, and reaches up, tangling his fingers into the fence. He thrusts his hips, ramming both out bodies harder into the wire. I groan, and throw my head back, hitting him in the face. He snarls, and takes my hands, quickly uncuffing me before pulling them harshly behind my back and jerking my body back into his. 

I hear the cuffs drop onto the ground. 

I guess he’s letting me play this fairly.

“Stop that,” he rasps into my ear. “I’ll make it hurt if you do that again.”
“Maybe I want it to hurt,” I hiss, fisting my hands together and shoving them backwards into his stomach. 

He stumbles off me with a grunt, and I spin around, ducking to the left and attempting to run. I don’t get two steps before Axel lashes out, taking my ankle and pulling me so hard I go down into the dirt. My face just misses being smashed into it by mere centimeters. Axel flattens his body over mine, and takes my head in his hands, jerking my head back by my hair and breathing down on me. “You’re being a bad girl,” he husks, running a finger down the side of my face. 

“You’re not letting me play fair,” I whisper. “I was cuffed before, it wasn’t a fair chase.”

I feel his weight lift off me, and he jerks me up, pulling me into a standing position. 

“Run, then. I’ll give you five seconds, and if I catch you again, Meadow, I’m going to fuck you,” he murmurs, then his eyes grow lusty. “Hard.” I turn without answering, and I run into the trees at the back of the lot. I hear Axel counting loudly, and my body shivers. I am sweating now, and my breathing is hard and ragged, but the chase is so worth that. I hear Axel take off after me, and I squeal with delight as I weave through the trees. It’s dark, but I can see enough because of the lights surrounding the club house. 

“The minute I get hold of you,” Axel yells. “I’m goin’ to rip your panties down and put my dick so deep inside you, you’re goin’ to scream.” I shiver, and swallow. I make my way to the fence line again, and I press myself against it for a second, letting my eyes scan the trees. “Then I’m goin’ to kiss you so hard your lips will bleed.”

Oh my. 

I take off, using the fence line as a guide to get back to the other end of the lot. I can hear Axel to my left, and I know he’s gaining on me, but if I run, it’ll make a lot of noise and he’ll figure out where I am. 

“Come out come out wherever you are,” he sings. “You know I’ll make you come so much your legs will give way.”

I feel a smile on my face as I keep moving along the fence, keeping my body plastered against it. I can feel my own arousal dampening my panties, and now I’m eager for him to get his hands on me. I want to know what he’s got to give. 

“You can run, Cricket, but you can’t hide.”


Author Bio

Bella Jewel is an Aussie girl through and through. She spent her life in Western Australia, growing up in many different areas of the state. She now currently lives in Perth with her husband, children and mass amounts of pets. She's crazy, fun, outgoing and friendly. Writing is her passion, she started at the young age of 18 but finally got the courage up to publish, and her first novel Hell's Knights was released in August 2013.

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