Thursday, February 20, 2014

Review: When it Rains by Lisa De Jong

This is going to be hard…

I feel like the odd ball out for not falling madly deeply in love with this book. I was eager to read When it Rains but held off until all the hype died down surrounding it so I could go into it with a clear head. I’ve read the two prior works by this author and really enjoyed them, but this one fell so short. Honestly, I thought I would love it so imagine my disappointment once I finished. No matter what I did, I couldn’t connect or sympathize these characters or story at all.

So you’re probably thinking how heartless I must be considering the theme and lack of connection. But I’m really not. Did I cry? For sure, but I didn’t ball my eyes out. I didn’t need a Costco size box of Kleenex or a strong drink with a Valium once I finished this book. I needed nothing because I felt nothing. Anyone who can read will automatically tear up. It’s almost impossible not to.

I know many readers are concerned this book is a love triangle. When It Rains is not. Not even close. And I don’t see how in the world anyone could possible think that. I’m a HUGE lover of love triangles, and this is most definitely not one. This story is Kate’s story. Her emotions toward each male are not conflicted. She knows what she wants and who. Now had she felt the same love for each guy around the middle of the story, then yes, this would be a love triangle. But she didn’t. I wish people would stop categorizing When it Rains with that theme.

Here goes my issues… To be quite honest, I almost DNF’d this read around 50%. Had it been any other author then I would have, but I needed to see for myself how it played out. The first half drags on too much for me. The drama FINALLY hits and the end is like a wilted flower. For one, the writing felt completely different. Personally, I didn’t like the change at all and think her first two books are better written. There was no emotional connection or that intensity I’m use to from her to pull me in despite the big issue at the end. I wasn’t living or breathing with the story. It was just kind of dull for me unfortunately. The heroine Kate has a dark secret and becomes a recluse. While I don’t agree with her logic for hiding her secret, I guess I can understand? That was a pretty big issue for me though and hard to ignore because I’m not one to hide those kind of things. With that secret, Kat pushes away the one steady friend in her life, the one constant who has always and would always be there for her. She pretty much wants nothing to do with him, but doesn’t say that to him, just tells him to live his life. Once he leaves, Kat meets a new guy and within no times opens up to him. I didn’t like that one bit. In fact, I hated that she did that.

Then the ending… Oh please. *glares* NOW she wants him in her life??? Just. Stop. I can't even.

After everything was all said and done, I’ve decided I won’t be finishing this series. Will I read more books by this author? Of course. Like I said, I really liked the writing style in her past books so I’m holding out in hopes it that it will go back to that.

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