Monday, February 10, 2014

Review: Forever with You by Laurelin Paige

What a ride! Forever with You brought the roller coaster of the Fixed Series to an end. And oh how I enjoyed every single hill, dip, valley and curve thrown my way!

Alayna and Hudson continue to be a enigmatic couple surrounded by their very own soap opera cast. Each person on the outside of their relationship influences and impacts, not just Alayna and Hudson as individuals, but as a couple. Some of them have positive impacts and some are poisonous. So, normally you would get of the toxic people. But what if some of the toxic people are your family? What then?

Alayna really grew as a person. She learned to take charge of her addiction instead of letting her addiction take charge of her. She tried so hard for Hudson. She tried to be better. And she did amazing.
Hudson was frustrating at times. While he did try to be better for Alayna, he wasn’t very forthcoming with information. He also continued to be a master manipulator.

Now, both of them ended up being enablers. They enabled each other to continue with their personality flaws. While it may have seemed like accepting, it was actually enabling.
Celia isn’t out of the picture. She continues to be problematic for Hudson and Alayna. But, I did like the comeuppance she got. I was cheering and pumping my fist in the air!

It took a lot of tears and heartbreak to finally get their HEA. But it was a sweet HEA! They fought so hard for it and they deserved it. They went through so much together and came out the other side together. While I should have known what Hudson was hiding (I knew one part, but not both), it was perfect for this trilogy. It couldn’t have been any other way!

I absolutely loved the Epilogue. It made the whole book for me. The Epilogue tells what happened after they got their HEA. We like to think that once the engagement happens or they get back together, all is right and good in the world. But that’s not always the case. In this Epilogue we see how Hudson and Alayna had to fight to get the rest of their HEA. We also get to see how they will continue to fight for themselves and each other, because it’s worth it!

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