Thursday, February 20, 2014

Review: Room for You by Beth Ehemann

Twinkies *sigh*

Room for You is of those reads that knocked me by surprise. I had a feeling I'd like it from the moment I came across it, but what I hadn't expected was how much I would end up loving it. And for me, those are the stories that remain with me forever.

So much of this novel is not my normal read. Honestly, I never would have picked it up, but there was something I can't explain that drew me in from the minute I looked at the book and read the blurb. It felt different to me and I knew I had to have it that instant. I'm a bit perplexed by how much I liked it, truthfully.

The writing is what I ended up really enjoying the most and sold me. A well written, moving story is what it takes. The flow, the style, how it entertained me from the first page to last, the characters... I really just loved all of it and cannot wait for the next book to be released. There was a perfect balance of emotion, character development and plot wrapped up just right to make it a memorable novel.

I feel like indie authors have a specific voice that usually blends together, but Beth Ehemann's does not fall into that category. Trust me- It's a good thing.

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