Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Review: Texas Pride by Kindle Alexander

Sometimes you need something a little different. Not a lot different, just a little. Texas Pride by Kindle Alexander gave me what I wanted.

In many ways, this is a typical romance. Yet in others, it’s not. The typical part of the romance comes from two people meeting and falling in love. What’s not typical about this one? They’re both gay, they’re both in the closet, one is a movie star that’s left the industry and the other is a small town cowboy. It’s a love story that will renew your faith in humanity.

Austin Grainger has left the movie industry. He’s quit cold turkey and moved back to his small hometown in Texas. He bought part of Kitt Kelly’s land and built a house. Kitt Kelly has no idea who bought his land, but when he finds out it’s Austin Grainger, he realizes he’s in trouble. See, they’re both hiding. Hiding from the public and hiding from each other. Ever since high school they’ve had the hots for each other. Only the other didn’t know it!

What happens next is a secret love affair that will warm your heart. They see each other in private and slowly fall in love. But all that is threatened when Austin’s secret is exposed. He can only hope Kitt will be there on other side.

Austin and Kitt are a great couple. They’re both so hot and in many ways they act like love sick teenagers. It was fun to watch them sit next to each other in the truck, make out like horny teenagers and do it all while hiding, just like horny teenagers.

Kitt was hiding because he didn’t think the Agriculture community would accept him being gay. He was worried he would lose all business and lose the farm. But sometimes we have to face those fears and let people either help us and support us or walk away. It’s the biggest fear of all. Losing it all.

Texas Pride was a great read. The story flows so well. But most of all? It will renew your faith in humanity!


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