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Halloween Heat V Book Tour!!

Easter Eggs on Halloween?
Hi! Thanks so much for having Eden Summers and I (Jennifer James) on My Secret Romance! I live in the U.S., but Eden is from Australia. When Eden and I get talking, our conversations can get pretty funny. It’s not just that we’re both super cool and funny *wink-wink*. It’s also because of the cultural differences inherent in our relationship. So, I decided to “interview” Eden for this post and we got into a funny situation regarding Halloween and Easter eggs. 
Jennifer James: So, Eden do you even celebrate Halloween in Australia? Cause it's summer for you. Which is actually nice. Here in Ohio, we're freezing cold. The kids have to wear winter coats under their costumes. You're as likely to find a candy bar in their stash as you are a big ole glob of snot from runny noses.

Eden Summers: To be honest we don't really celebrate Halloween all that much in Wagga Wagga. I'm 30 and have only ever had one group of kids come to my house. I don't think they were impressed when I didn't have any lollies and had to give them left over Easter eggs...Yep, from April. True Story. 

I want to know how the hell you guys deal with a national of kids on a sugar high.

JJ: Ummm...why did you have 6 month old eggs? Weren't they rotten?  Wait, wait, were they platypus eggs? Cause that would be awesome.

And you're worried about kids on a sugar high? Crap, what about the adults? I totally go through the kid's candy to snarf out all the stuff I like and want.  I feel sad for you now that you don't go Trick or Treating. I feel like you're missing out on fun times. You're deprived. :( Boo.  

You've never carved a jack o' latern? Never dug around in a pillowcase in the middle of June for left over candy that you hid in the closet so your mom wouldn't throw it out? Never painted your face purple and wore plastic fangs and rolled around in dirt so you'd be a more authentic newly risen vampire? My heart, it breaks.

ES: Well where I come from chocolate takes a lot longer to go rotten. So yeah I still have chocolate eggs in the cupboard from Easter. It happens every year. They sit there for an eternity. My husband doesn't eat them because he's high maintenance and prefers chocolate bars and I tend not to eat a lot of sweets.

But I did a lot of dressing up as a teenager. We had a heap of costume parties. I dressed up as a mummy once which was the most unflattering costume EVER. I looked like a boy because all my features were covered and I was so damn flat chested. Unfortunately I think those photos are still floating around Facebook somewhere.

How much do you guys spend on Halloween? Is it as big as Easter?

JJ: *Looks up from trying to stalk Eden on FB and find those photos.*  Oh! You meant candy eggs. Like Cadburys. Heehee. I thought you meant hard boiled and colored eggs. *face palm*
Hmm, you know, I haven’t spent much on Halloween in recent years because I take the girls out for Trick or Treat and haven’t been passing out candy. I guess your gauge on how “big” it is depends on your religious views. Some people refuse to celebrate it because they think it’s devil worship. Some people don’t celebrate Easter. But if you’ve got kids and don’t think letting them dress up is going to call demons down on you, then it’s pretty big. J

I can’t remember ever dressing up in anything particularly heinous. I’ve done the vampire thing, zombie, ghoul, Pippi Longstocking, Raggedy Ann, Flower Child….I’m sure there are burnable photos somewhere around here.

We’re giving away a $25 Giftcard and to enter, use the Rafflecopter below and answer the following question: What’s your most memorable costume?  (And, did anyone else think Eden meant hard boiled eggs when she said Easter eggs? Was it just me?)

Erotic Contemporary Ménage

Five scorching contemporary erotic tales of ménage love to heat even the coldest Halloween night.

“Thrills and Chills” by Alyssa Turner
“Deployment Gifts” by Jennifer James
“Phantom Pleasure” by Eden Summers
“Taking Candy” by Vristen Pierce
“Trick or Treat” by Ana Maria Pasión

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Lee Anne said...

Awesome Interview! I can't wait to read it!

Herding Cats - Burning Soup said...

LOL. What a fun interview. YES I thought hard boiled eggs too! And was calculating how old they were. Ewww. Chocolate's much better ;)

Most memorable? Either Cleopatra or when my best friend and I went as m&ms just because it was silly and the costumes were huge!

Jennifer James said...

Hi guys! Thanks so much for hosting us! (I would have been by yesterday, but there was a plumbing mishap here at home. OY. All's better now though, thank goodness.)

I like Cleopatra. That's terrific. My friends are dressing their boys as Legos this year, and those costumes are stellar. :)

Happy Halloween everyone!

laurie said...

love the interveiw...and i can't imagine like NOT celebrating halloween. i went out every year as a child and our whole street is decorated up and down w/ great stuff

Eden Summers said...

I don't even know what hard boiled Easter eggs are O.o


Hope you all enjoy Halloween Heat. Thanks for commenting.

Sarah Handrich said...

my friend and i went as a big mac and fries one year.. Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I went as a Christmas tree once.



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