Monday, October 8, 2012

ACR Review: Calling the Shots by Christine d’Abo

There were many things I liked about this book and some things I didn’t. Let’s start with what I loved. I loved the characters. I really like Beth and found it fascinating as she discovered who she was sexually. Oliver was equally intriguing in discovering he was gay for Josh. I loved watching them learn each other and find their way with each other. They were willing to fight to keep each other and when one would push away, the other two would push right back to make them see how stupid they were being. LOVED IT!

The suspense in the book was awesome. It added a little bit of extra tension to the story without taking away from the romance. It didn't’ overshadow the rest of the story. It was a subplot and nicely done.

My only real problem with this book was Josh. I didn’t really feel like he was a Dom. I felt more like he was a switch in Dom’s clothing. It’s not that I expect my Doms to be perfect. I like them with a few flaws. I just felt like he was another switch, like Beth.

The first sex scene between all three of them was really hot. The rest were not as hot to me. I think this is because I couldn’t picture Josh as a Dom and it made it hard for me to get into the scenes.

Overall, this was an enjoyable book and I plan to read the rest of the books in this series as well as other book by Ms. d’Abo.

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