Monday, October 15, 2012

ARC Review: Paradise Hops By Liz Crowe

Lorelie “Lori” Brockton had herself convinced that after suffering a brutal rape that she is damaged and will no longer be able to be intimate with another man. She is also learning her way around her father’s brewery, Brockton Brewery, rotating from the different positions after a length of time.

Garrett Hunter is hired by Lori’s father to be the general manager of the brewery and is drawn to Lori from the first time he meets her. He is patient with Lori, understanding that she needs her time and space, but it drives him nuts because he is a very organized person and tends to take control in most situations. He loves her, but he knows that she is attracted to another even though she is with him. He is determined to win her love. He is in essence the “perfect guy”.

Eli Buchannan is a prima donna brewmaster, who is arrogant, rude, and in high demand from other breweries. He is known as a ladies man, and doesn’t want a relationship. He is a definite bad boy, and the sexual chemistry between Eli and Lori is smoking hot! He is trying to fight how he feels for Lori and attempts to push her away but it just doesn’t work.

I had a hard time liking this story. Lori went from a scared rape victim one minute to sex starved the next after she is with Garrett. She is bound and determined to learn how to brew different ales and lagers and must work with Eli to do it. She shoves Garrett away one minute then is close to him the next, all while trying to fight the attraction she feels for Eli. When she and Garrett break up she runs right to Eli for a night of smoking hot sex.
It takes her going away to Germany, to become a certified brewer, for her to open her eyes about how she feels about Garrett. Then, tragedy and finding out she’s pregnant almost happen at the same time. She did not handle what happened well at all, she went from closing herself off from everyone, to being a raving, crazy ass bitch. It bothered me the most how she was towards her baby.

The sex scenes were steamy, and I liked the premise behind the book. I just had a lot of problems with Lori and her overall character. I love Garrett and Eli, they were both hot and good guys in their own ways. This is the third book I have tried to read by Liz Crowe and I think her writing style and me just don’t fit.

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry but I have to respectfully disagree with your assessment of Lori and this book

How do you know how you would react if you lost the father of your unborn child to a traumatic death???

Also if an author gets you to Love or Hate a character it means they wrote a wonderful book.
It is not easy to get readers to FEEL.

Liz does that so like or dislike a decision a character makes if it is true to the character Ms Crowe has written it makes the book well written.

PS unless you have experienced Traumatic loss you have NO ides how much it affects every aspect of your life.
I have.... and let me tell you it effects everyone; in ways you can not imagine

Oh and if you not like an author why continue to read them
To me it appears you do not understand complex and layered stories, which characters who make choices true to the persona's developed

To mean it sees like you should read a formal Harlequin novel


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