Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review: Slammed by Colleen Hoover

I am going to SLAM my review. Before I do, I need say this- this book deserves an endless number of stars!

I fell in love with an author
Who wrote the most beautifully compelling story
I think I have ever read
For real
A story of two people struggling to climb a mountain of quicksand
With nothing to grab onto but each other hand
A story of a heart shattering love
And life's winding roads
But instead of balling up and crying
They're fighting it with a vengeance
I read a remarkable story
That evoked so many different emotions from me
Some that were felt at the same time
Which wasn't fun
I was lost in the lives of these fictional characters
That I so desperately wanted to be real

I read a story about a girl
A beautiful girl with a big heart
A girl who was forced to move to a new town
And bare the beating of stones life threw at her
Some stones left gashes and scars
And others that just faded away
But there was one stone that left a mark
By a boy
Who she fell madly and deeply in love with

A boy who had the world on top of his shoulders
With responsibilities most could not fathom to comprehend
A jerk of a boy
A hot boy
Who also fell madly and deeply in love with a girl
Who he refused to make time for
A girl he loved from the moment he laid eyes on
But painfully was forbidden to be with

Emotions are laid bare
For all to see
A new life
A big change
And a life that will soon sadly be free
Knowing they would be there to wipe away each others' tears
But the pain felt inside could only be repaired
By a boy
And a girl
Who fell madly deeply in love with each other
But could never be

How do you fight the attraction
The intense chemistry that you feel
When so much is at stake
Of a love that was slammed
before it could even took place

Colleen Hoover you rocked my socks
And made me cry
And made me feel
Too many different
Things inside
Things I ignored
For long periods of time
And things I chose to
Face one quick step at a time
Why it is that reading can make us see
The things we chose not to
When faced with reality
It's just words on paper that
Should mean nothing
But in fact they mean everything
Hundreds of paper bound by glue
Of a story that flew me over the moon
This is a book that I will never forget
Or ever find the words
To say much it means to me

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