Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review: Cowboy Casanova by Lorelei James

I LOVE ME SOME MCKAY BOYS!!!  Better than some McKay Boys? Bennett McKay!


Out of all the McKay and West boys, I have to say Bennett is my favorite! Growing up in small town Texas has given me an appreciation for some fine cowboy butt in Wranglers. Being a grown woman who knows her own mind gives me an appreciation for strong, dominant, alpha men. Well, guess what? Bennett McKay is both! Whoop!

Bennett McKay has a strong fear of his friends and family finding out about his lifestyle. Small towns are not known for their understanding ways. Ainsley is scared for others to find out as it will hurt her career. Along the way, they both mess up and end up hurting each other. I found myself crying for both of them.

I was impressed with Aisnley because even though she’s submissive, she’s not a doormat. She let Bennett lead her in the bedroom, but when she felt threatened or used, she spoke up. She didn’t take it lying down (pun intended).

Ainsley and Bennett are a fantastic couple and Bennett is amazing at pushing Ainsley’s boundaries. He makes her stop thinking and just feel. They are so compatible that they can almost read each other’s minds, unless it’s about their feelings for each other. That’s where they keep screwing it up. Neither will break down first.


I laughed so hard when Dalton found out about Bennett’s BDSM lifestyle and staged an “intervention” for him. Quinn laughing until he was crying was perfect. (he wasn’t laughing at Bennett, but at Dalton) I did find it interested that Dalton called Gavin for this intervention. I’m extremely curious as to what Gavin’s role is going to be in the life and times of the McKays.

I was disappointed and bothered when Bennett chose to give up the club for Ainsley. He helped found that club. It bothered me. Then I thought about it. And I re-read what he was feeling as he was walking through the club. And I thought about what his mother said. He wasn’t changing himself. He was willing to give up something that had lost its ability center him. He no longer needed the club because he wanted Ainsley. Ainsley didn’t need the club. Everything she needed, she could get from Bennett in the privacy of a home. The club was extra.

In the end, Bennett gave up the club for Ainsley but he remained a Dom and he became her Dom. After that, it didn’t matter to me that he gave up the club. He was willing to take care of his subbie, give her what she needed.

**End Spoiler Alert**

Once again Lorelei James has done an amazing job! I’m so in love with Bennett right now. I think I have a Book Hangover!



Herding Cats - Burning Soup said...

Love this series. I'm still pretty far behind but am so looking forward to this one now.

Aisnley sounds like a wonderful heroine. I'm liking that she speaks up for herself.

Thanks for the great review :)

Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review - I really need to get caught up on reading this series


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