Monday, October 29, 2012

Review: Wellesley Wives By Suzy Duffy

Popsy Powers is a very rich woman, with a husband who loves her and she loves more than anything in this world, two grown daughters, a beautiful granddaughter and a crazy best friend who also happens to be rich and married to her husband’s business partner.  Her only focus in life is how much money she has and the things she can buy with that money, until all of a sudden they lose everything and her husband has to file chapter 11 for the business.  Her perfect life is turned upside down by finding out her youngest is having an affair with the wrong man, and her husband having a heart attack.

Sandra is Popsy’s best friend.  She ends up going through just as much drama as Popsy when she finds out that she too is broke and has to deal with that on top of her husband leaving her.  Sandra loves going to the gym and working out, almost obsessively, so that she remains in shape.  She is Popsy’s rock during an exceptional hard time and is what keeps Popsy going.

Rosie, Popsy’s daughter, is trying to be supportive of her family, while at the same time dealing with the problems in her marriage.  She wants to keep her husband happy and sacrifices her happiness to do that, all while wondering if it is the right thing to do or not.  She loves her daughter and her husband, and just wants to have her family happy.

Lily is the youngest daughter.  She works in the financial field and just received a huge promotion at work.  She is having an affair with the last person she ever should have one with.  Her actions start the snowball effect of a family drama that has serious consequences for everyone involved.

Let me first off say that I was seriously annoyed with how Popsy and Sandra were in regards to their wealth, even after them losing everything you would think they would come to cherish what they still have, but while that does eventually occur, there was a lot of bullshit before it.  At one point they asked something like is a half a million dollars something we can even live on??  OMG I wanted to scream when I saw that.  Like seriously, if people can live on a $400 paycheck week to week, you can live on a half of a million dollars you dumb asses.  I did feel strongly for what Popsy was also going through at the time, it broke my heart to see her that way.  Sandra did try to cheer her up and take care of her, but she would also insert her foot in her mouth by some of the comments she made.

Rosie was willing to do what ever it took to make her husband happy, even to the point of going on a swingers vacation with him since that is what he wanted.  Now, I am a pretty open minded person and do not judge other lifestyles, but come on! If both people in the relationship are not in agreement, it is cheating; I don’t care what you call it.  If you are that weak to sit back and just allow your husband to openly cheat on you during this vacation as a way to save your marriage, then honey I hate to say but its not worth saving.

Lily made me even more insane than the other 3 did.  Without giving away who the affair was with, let me just say fucking ewwwwwww!  Gross yuck, yuckity, yuck, yuck, yuck!!  Ok, now that said, she was so quick to judge her sister for what she was going to do with her husband, but thought what she did was perfectly fine.  Now I will give it to her that she did begin to feel guilty about everything and the destruction she caused, but honestly, it was too little too late in my opinion.  She stepped up when her sister needed her and started opening her eyes about her actions.  

Now with all of that being said, you would possibly believe that I hated this book, well for a while I did, but then it grew on me and the ending seemed to just make it all come together and honestly made me like the book.  Of all the characters in the book I think I honestly ended up liking Rosie the best because she finally stood up for herself and it made me proud.  This is a good book to put you in perspective that money isn’t everything and while it can buy you possessions, it cannot buy you true happiness and security.  If you are not a chic lit fan, than this book will not be for you. 

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