Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Review: Sharing Hailey by Samantha Ann King

This is an intense book. I was on the edge of my seat from the very beginning. I cried, I laughed, I cheered, I stressed. Name it, I did it. All because of this book.

Hailey has been in love with her brother’s two best friends for years. But she thought they always thought of her as a little sister. The boys finally decided to stop waiting for her to pick one of them and share her. Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend, who is an abusive asshole, stalks her and eventually attacks her and her boyfriends.

I loved this book from the very beginning. Hailey, Tony and Mark are a unit. They’ve been friends forever and finally move to the beyond friends part of their relationship.  It’s unconventional but it works for them. What struck me as funny was that everyone around them, except Hailey’s brother, knew they all were attracted to each. They were just waiting for Hailey, Tony, and Mark to figure things out. They were all very accepting of it.

I like that Ms. King showed how things are obvious to those around us even when we don’t think they see it. It shows we often live in our little bubble! I also like how she did have everyone accept their relationship right off the bat. Not everyone comes around that easy and she showed what happens when they don’t.  She also did a good job of portraying the fears about unconventional relationship can do to people and how it affects them.

Overshadowing all of this is Hailey’s psycho ex-boyfriend. As he stalks, and threatens Hailey, Tony and Mark, he forces the three of them to move faster than they had planned. Ms. King did an amazing job of showing the problems victims of domestic violence suffer through, without belaboring the point. It was beautifully written in to the story. It was a natural extension of that story.

The best part of the book though? The HOT HOT sex! It was easy to see what was happening in my head as Ms. King was describing it. I loved every minute of it and wished it was happening to me! And when Mark and Tony kissed, oh my. MMmmmmmm…….

The only thing I didn’t see happen in this story was any jealousy between Mark and Tony. I’m not sure how they were able to move into this threesome without there being any jealousy at all, especially since none of them had been in that type of relationship before. That part seemed a little off to me. However, that can easily be explained by the overshadowing danger of Hailey’s psycho, stalking ex-boyfriend. Their concern for Hailey could have easily over-ridden any jealousy.

Overall I LOVED this book.

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Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review - this sounds like a good, hot read!


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