Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Avoiding Commitment Raffle Extravaganza Day 10

Avoiding Commitment Raffle Extravaganza!
Today is the LAST DAY in this extravaganza that was set up by some truly awesome woman. Without them, this wouldn't have been possible, so a BIG THANK YOU goes out to all of them. You know who you are. xoxox

As promised, a snippet is being released for the next book in the Avoiding series, AVOIDING RESPONSIBILITY, due out December 1st, 2012.

“Oh,” was all he managed.

Lexi waited a second expecting more explanation that just—oh. When he didn’t say anything else, she just shook her head forlornly. “Is that what I am? Just a fill in?” she asked staring deep into his eyes full of repentance. He was shaking his head, but she couldn’t stop there. “Because all you seem to be doing is fucking me over.”

He seemed unable to control himself after she finished her reprimand. He dove forward and claimed her lips for his own smashing her backwards into the marble counter top. She gasped as he willed a response out of her lips. It didn’t take long before she was breathless as he kissed her senseless. His hands pushed up in her long flowing hair before moving to roam her body. He hoisted her up and set up on the counter top so he could get closer to her.

“I want you,” he breathed between kisses. “Just you, Lexi. Please let me have you. I have missed you so much.”

Lexi could feel her body reacting to his demands. She wanted him so bad. She just wanted to give in to him and forget everything else. “I missed you too,” she murmured as he began kissing down her neck.

“Good. Good,” he said struggling to unbutton her shorts.

“But I can’t do this,” she said stilling his hands.

“Why not?” he begged and pleaded with his eyes as they met her determined brown ones.

“I don’t want this to be out of anger,” she said dropping her eyes to the ground. “Let’s get through the rest of the week…and then go from here.”

“Please Lexi, you’re all I want,” he said letting his hands rest on her thighs.

She let out a deep breath unable to believe that she was turning down sex. “I want to do this, but not for this reason.” He sighed heavily and rested his head against her shoulder leaving a kiss on her there.

“Just know, I’m yours as long as you want me,” he said pushing his lips against hers one more time.

 SERIOUSLY! I cannot wait for this book!!! And just like when the last snippet was released, I have no idea which guy Lexi is with in the scene...but I'm hoping it's Jack. ;)

The way to be entered in the last giveaway for a signed Avoiding Commitment paperback is by answering both questions in the rafflecopter. Your answer must go in the rafflecopter for you to be entered in the giveaway and not in the comment section. Of course comments are always welcomed and such fun, but your answer must be put in the rafflecopter. :) 

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Anonymous said...

Love this!

Trish Gibson said...

I love this book!! I hope the snippet is about Jack. They belong together. Can't wait for AR.

Selena-Lost-In-Thought said...

So excited! Can't Wait.....

Tina said...

This has,has,has to be Jack!!!!

Tina said...

This has,has,has to be Jack!!!!

armywife8376 said...

Where are the winners posted at?


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