Monday, September 23, 2013

Review: UnAttainable (UnDeniable #3) by Madeline Sheehan

This is what I want in a story. The Unpredictableness that Madeline is a genius on. You think you know the Horsemen after UnD and UnB but you don't know the half of it. You think you know how the story might go but Madeline puts us in check and says, "Bitches please, you think I was gonna give it to ya easy? I'm gonna give it to ya raw, hard and non stop." And I'm left here standing to say that she does. Here's my warning. Take heed. You will be shocked. Leave your morals(again) at the door. Leave judgement to haters. If you are a true fan then keep an open mind on everyone and everything. Every action and word spoken is for the love of the club, family and the future of the Hell's Horsemen.

This series is not an easy one and it's not for everyone. There's rape, death, killing but there's also love and laughter. I've said it before. The Hell's Horsemen are not good guys only to the eyes of the ones they know and love. We get the past, present and a glimpse into the future. How will the future go? Who knows and I'm not guessing cause I'd be wrong. Again.

A little insight to the characters...

Cage. We all know him as Deuce's son and a man whore. You think you know him but you don't. Changes are coming for him whether he's ready or not.
Tegan. She's a fire breathing dragon who has huge cajones (balls). She lives in the past when the future is right in front of her.
Dirty. BE PREPARED. His story is NOT pretty. We get into his past and it's brutal and ugly. He is the way he is because of it. You have to have an open mind with him. The way he thinks will gut you. His actions will slay you. His future...
Ellie. A beautiful flower that will show her beauty to the one who needs it most.
Deuce. Got damn the man.

All the characters in the alphabet are in the story. I'm not here to tell you when and where they pop up. You will be surprised and shocked. You will feel elation and sorrow. You will just FEEL. This is what an author should do. Make a reader step out of their comfort zone, put you in another persons shoe and make you think would you do anything different.

I speak truth. This is the best one yet. I found no fault in nothing and no one. The storyline was not what I expected. The characters are not what I thought them to be. Madeline takes us into a darker side of the Hell's Horsemen but there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. You will shed happy and sad tears so have tissues in handy. Like I said in the opening paragraph, keep an open mind with everything and everyone. And if you can't, ARGO FUCK YOURSELF.

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Tina B said...

Wow! I can't wait to read it! I have my copy, but am waiting for my mood to improve before I do. In order to read these darker books, I have to start out happy. Lol.
I, too, love how the author has this way of shocking the readers and giving us a complete mindf*^%.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :-)


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