Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Revew: Lost & Found by Nicole Williams

Well, hot damn! I think cowboys are my new favorite kind of hero ya’ll. Alright, so I wouldn’t go so far as to say that… Dark and brooding assholes are more my style- But needless to say, after reading this book I definitely won’t look at tight pants and cowboy boots the same. I had heard a lot of hype about this book but just hadn’t really been in the mood for anything YA as of late. As luck should have it though, as I was going through my TBR List looking to find my next read this book just ended up making the cut. …And I’m happy to say that it was one hell of a good decision on my part.

Bad-boy heroes have always been more up my alley- I'm just drawn to them, what can I say? ...But there was something so uniquely special about this story-line and the characters that made everything that I typically avoid in my novels, work in the best kind of way. It was actually refreshing to read a book about the "bad girl" falling for the "good guy" because it really opened my eyes and helped me to see that sometimes it's those unusual elements that you don't see too often in books that really make a story so individually its own.

From the first page to the last, this book literally sucked me right in. It was my first Nicole Williams book so I wasn’t really sure what to expect from her writing- Little did I know, that I would be blown away. Every character introduced in this book just felt so real… Not an easy task that many authors can accomplish these days. On top of that, I’m actually genuinely surprised that I loved and connected with each and every character (good and bad) introduced in this book. …The biggest surprise being the heroine, Rowan…

She’s not typically the kind of character I like my heroine’s to portray- But everything about her really worked for me in this book. She was an outcast; Black was her favorite color and she had the dark attitude to match. Her entire life her mother has always made her feel like a freak and in turn, decided to teach her a life lesson by shipping her off to the middle of nowhere. Rowan has many secrets that she’s always tried her best to keep hidden but being away from home really helped to teach her to not let her past define who she is now… A lesson that she has a hard time forgetting. I truly loved Rowan- She was a sarcastic smart-ass and added just the right amount of humor to this book to keep a big goofy smile on my face the entire time I was reading.
"'If you don’t drop the whole girlfriend, date, did-I-didn’t-I conversation right now,’ I lifted a finger and leveled him with my own look, ‘I will hop up in my seat and scream ‘OBAMA RULES’ at the top of my lungs.’” ~Rowan
She was uniquely her own person and despite what she or anyone else thought, the thing I appreciated and loved most about her was she was never afraid to be who she really was. Sure she has self-esteem issues… (What woman doesn’t?) …But it was so rewarding to see her grow and transition from the “freak” she always thought she had been, to the beautiful woman on the inside and out that was really always there to begin with.

As for the hero Jesse...

I loved him. ♥ He was so damn sweet, that it was no wonder he was able to work his way inside Rowan's impenetrable walls. He exuded confidence and most importantly didn't see Rowan as so many others did- To him, she was no different than himself although very special in her own way. He didn't care about her troubled past or the girl she used to be... All that mattered to him was that she saw herself as the real Rowan that he knew was buried deep down inside- The person so very little see, but whom he loves just the same.

Of course, no romance novel can be all hearts and rainbows- There were a few characters involved that really shook things up and caused such sorrow and trouble along the way. Rowan's mother unfortunately being the root of most of it all. The woman without a doubt can be described as none other than Satan's mistress... On a good day. 

She was the epitome of what every mother shouldn't be... And I'll say no more. With that being said though, every romance goes through bumps along the way which is what helps us all to appreciate the love that much more. It really was so heart-warming to watch the romance between these two blossom. Yet, there's so much more to this book than just romance. Nicole Williams also tells the story of a young woman in the process of finding herself; A girl who doesn't feel worthy of love but learns along the way through many trials and tribulations, that every woman deserves a man like Jesse in their life.

I absolutely fell in love with Nicole William's writing and her talent for giving such life to the story and characters involved. Not only was a lot of great advice given in this story but it also told a wonderful message as well. The only complaint I really had was my feelings for how the book ended. I really felt like it could have used an epilogue, but with that being said it wasn't enough of a disappointment to effect how I felt about the book as a whole. Over-all, if you're looking for a light read revolving around a sweet romance then this is definitely the book for you.

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