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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Innocence Defied (New York Series, #3) by Lainey Reese

He was a man. He liked women. Experienced women. Not girls. He was also a Dom, and looking for more than just a sub—he was looking for a full-time slave.

She was everything a woman should be, and it was as mesmerizing as it was terrifying.

It was humbling to be the recipient of that level of devotion. And terrifying. Terrifying when it was coming from her. Terrifying because it was just the sort of devotion he was looking for in a slave.

“I’ve saved myself for you.” --“I want you to take my virginity next Saturday…for my birthday.”

“Your safe word is goin’ to be Alamo, because just like those poor bastards there, I think you bit off more than you can chew.”

Praise to Lainey Reese!  Innocence Defied is provocative and sensual.  I could not put it down. 

Zoe, Oops, Marshall has waited long enough to go after exactly what she wants.  And what she wants is Gage Hollister, her older brother's best friend.  After some clever maneuvering, arrangements are made for her to spend the entire summer with him in New York City.  Now all she has to do is get him to see her as more than Brice’s baby sister and all her dreams will come true.

Gage is shocked to his core when he sees Zoe for the first time in three years.  When did this beautiful, enticing woman emerge?  He knows it's wrong.  He shouldn't want her.  But it's not long before he's completely riveted by her.  However, being that his sexual tastes run on the dark side, will that send her running or will she be exactly what he's been looking for?

“If I was vanilla, I’d snatch you up and marry you so fast you wouldn’t know what hit you.  Damn the consequences.  But I’m not and you are as vanilla as they come.”

Oh sweet baby J!  Gage Hollister has been added to Book Boyfriend status.  He won me over with his Texan southern accent, sweet and kind demeanor, and above all the patience he had and showed to innocent Zoe.  Gage is a Dom.  He's up front and honest from the start with Zoe.  He holds nothing back from her as to what he expects of his subs, what he would expect from her.

“What the heck are you talking about ice cream for?  I hate vanilla. I like mint chip.”

I give Zoe major credit.  While she may be young and innocent, she is strong and fueled by love.  She’s not some naïve girl who goes into this relationship with stars in her eyes.  She actually takes the time to research exactly what BDSM is and finds that it eases her guilt over the dark desires and dreams she’s had of Gage since she was in her early teens.

When the two of them come together it’s molten.  Gage works her, teases and teaches her.  Zoe finally feels like the person she was meant to be.  She’s confident and alive in his arms.  She brings out something in Gage that he’s never experienced before and needs to come to terms with.  But will the euphoric bubble burst when others learn about their relationship?  Can Gage and Brice’s friendship remain intact when he learns what’s been going on between them?  Oh my!  My heart stuttered when Brice found out and his reaction to it.  But, I'm not spoiling.  You have to read for yourself.

Innocence Defied is book 3 in the New York series.  If you’ve read 1 and 2, those characters reappear in this one.  I love when an author does that in her series.  Life doesn’t just stop at the end of their book.  Lainey Reese gives us a glimpse of them progressing forward.  Add this one to your TBRs.

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