Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review: Mastering Kyla by Aubrey Stone

Mastering Kyla is a wonderfully sweet story about a woman finding her true self. After being left at the alter by her fiancé, Kyla runs into a friend from college. He seduces her and introduces her to submission.

Jackson is perfect. He’s too perfect. The man has no flaws! We should all be so lucky to find a man like Jackson.

Kyla is sweet, a little too innocent and just what Jackson needs, just like Jackson is what Kyla needs.  These two are actually perfect for each other.

This is a pretty short story, only around 50 pages. While it is very short, it’s packed with a lot emotion and quite a bit of hot and steamy sex. As usual with short stories, my biggest complaint is the lack of character development. While I got a pretty good feel for Kyla, I had a harder time getting a feel for Jackson. On the surface he seemed perfect. But no matter how perfect he felt, I couldn’t figure out what drove him. Why he was the way he was. Even lacking that development, it was a good story!

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