Friday, August 23, 2013

Review: Innocence Defied by Lainey Reese

WOW! Just WOW! Lainey Reese can write one HAWT HAWT story. I was hooked from the very beginning and could not stop. Now, this is the third in the New York Series and I love all the characters! I’m really hoping we get more from this series.

I really enjoyed seeing the couples from the first two. I loved seeing how they’ve grown and changed. I’ve enjoyed seeing where they are now in their relationships.

The relationship between Oops and Gage is different from those in the other stories. Gage is looking for a Master/Slave relationship. He’s not just a Dom who wants control in the bedroom, he wants control in every aspect of their lives. Oops, or Zoe, is virgin. She’s saved herself for Gage and she’s determined to have him. How in the world is this bright eyed innocent girl, barely out of high school going to be able to handle a Master/Slave relationship. And how is her brother Brice going to handle her being with Gage?

I will be the first one to admit that I’ve never really understood the Master/Slave relationship.  While I’ve read and enjoyed stories with these types of relationships, I never really understood them. After reading Gage and Oops’s story, I understood a little bit better. Not completely, but closer than I was before. Add into this that Gage is a hot Texas Cowboy with manners and control like you’ve never seen before and OMFG!

While Oops was a wide-eyed innocent, she did go into things willing to try to understand what was happening. When Gage explained his needs to her, she did research. She didn’t run away or get pissy, she just did research. I liked that she was wiling to research and listen. I also liked that she was open to new things without a lot of coaxing from Gage. Now, Gage did push her boundaries, but he watched and listened to her, so it was never too far.

The chemistry and connection between Gage and Oops made this a hot read. I love how he slowly immersed her into his world. He didn’t jump in with everything on the first day. He slowly brought her to new heights by introducing new things to her. Oops’s reactions were priceless. She was enamored and so willing to please Gage. At the same time, she kept her own will and wasn’t afraid to stand toe to toe with Gage. So, even though she was willing to be his slave, she kept her backbone of steel.

The conflict between Gage and Brice, Oops’s brother, was perfect. Everyone saw that coming from a mile away. Brice reacted as any overprotective big brother would. Gage responded as a man in love. It was great! When Trevor and Cade got in on the action, it was even better. Terryn and Rylie were great foils to the men and their over abundance of testosterone.

I can’t wait for more of this series!

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