Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Naughty Nooner Review: Wicked Beat by Olivia Cunning

Eric Sticks is officially one of my top ten book boyfriends of ALL TIMES, and his book, "Wicked Beat" is one of my absolute favorites of 2013. This is the bittersweet taste of Sinners on Tour since it’s the last one in the series (through chronologically it’s the fourth).

See, loving a rockstar is not really easy and even more a rockstar like Sticks; who is not only a troubled man with a "slight" sexual complex, but also a musical genius who doesn't take credit of his own hard work. That’s mostly why I fell madly, deeply and stupidly in love with all 5 Sinners since the beginning. All of them have a special charm and kick and Eric ranks high in just that: being a charmer.

On the other hand, Rebekah Blake is a fighter, a superb kick ass fighter who not only won a dreadful cancer battle, but also is trying hard to prove herself as a certified soundboard operator in a testosterone filled environment, working hard to prove to Sinners (and the whole crowd) what a woman can do a man’s job just the same or even better. She landed on the Sinners tour bus, after her brother Dave was left paralyzed in a previous accident which I’m pretty sure you may remember from Hot Ticket; and since he can’t go back to work until he is fully mobile again, his baby sister Rebekah just suits the job. Her next goal is to make a heavy metal band like them sound out of this world, so since day one, she’s done nothing work her ass off.

Oh, but I forgot to mention: Also since day one she started lusting for Eric Sticks.
Well, no, scratch that. She had LUSTED (even before day one) for Trey Mills, who she considered her ultimate fantasy man. What she doesn't know though, is that Trey has his own philosophy when it comes to lust and hooking up with hot women (and men) and Rebekah can't help but feel a little bit disappointed when she realizes her fantasies can’t (will not) be fulfilled with Trey. Oh but wait!  Eric Sticks is not that bad looking and of course, he can serve as a fantastic substitute until she overcomes her sexual frustrations and Trey finally decides to take the bait. (Not!)

Eric on the other hand DID lust after her since day one.
We all know Eric. He's the musically gifted voyeur drummer who enjoys live porn.

And we ALL love Eric just being Eric.

What we possibly didn't know is that Eric is a very sweet and caring man who suffers something millions of men suffer across the planet and the fact that Olivia Cunning decided to include this in the storyline just makes it (in my opinion), a lot more credible and real. Many men all over the world (I dare to say MILLIONS) suffer from this as well, and to be quite honest, I’ve never read a book about an absolutely hot male character who struggles with this particular issue. Which one? You may ask, well, I won’t spoil it for you! Ha! Read it and you will find out.

I think this story is not only about finding a HEA, but it has to do a lot more with legit concerns in people’s life, struggle with finding the perfect sexual connection and dealing with old fashioned family traditions.

We see a lot more of Eric as a man with a remarkable talent, a desire to become somebody in life after he had basically nothing but his willingness to learn music. We meet Rebekah, who besides being Eric’s perfect match, also shows everybody (including her mother) that her choice of career and lifestyle is what she is sticking with and she intends to shine as bright as the highest star in the skies to prove herself.

Eric and Rebekah’s journey seemed to be a little bit predictable from the start, but suddenly presented the most perfect twist for a marvelously well written hardcore love story like this. I have to give Mrs. Cunning a lot of kudos for making this an intense ride full of laughter, steamy make out sessions, raunchy sex and friendship bonds that only demonstrates her complete mastership of hot erotica writing.

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Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review - I'm behind on this series and this sounds really good


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