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Review: Leo's Chance by Mia Sheridan

The follow-up to Leo, the USA Today bestselling novel by Mia Sheridan.

Does everyone deserve a second chance? Even someone who lies and deceives to get it?

Do we all have a second chance coming? Even if we play a part in our own destruction?

How hard would you fight to have a second chance at love? A second chance at life? Another chance to tell your own story?

Every love story has two sides. Evie told hers. This time it's Leo's chance.


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This review is for the second book in the Sign of Love series. It may contain spoilers if you haven't read the first in this series, Leo. See my review for Leo here.

My Review:

I love a guy's POV story, and after falling for these characters in Leo, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this one. I was not disappointed. This gave the background and insight into what the hell Leo was thinking in the first book. I love getting into a guy's mind to find out what he was thinking and why the heck he did those crazy things. Even though it is a guy's POV, be prepared for an emotional ride. You will go deeper into Leo and Evie's lives in foster care, and it is just heartbreaking at times. The things that the characters go through as children feel plucked out of real-life case file, and make you wish you could reach into the book and hug them tight.  A completely poignant representation of how poverty and instability affects children.

For the life of me, I couldn't understand why you WOULDN'T want to jump right into this book. I mean there were a lot of sketch situations and misunderstandings that happened between Leo and Evie. Sure, they worked their problems out, and Evie got over them, but as a skeptical reader I wanted to know what the heck the back story was. How could this guy get into some of these situations that looked pretty bad? ALL ANSWERED AND EXPLAINED. Congratulations Leo, you're off the hook for your wrong doings with me. You are forgiven.

I really liked Leo, but I think I liked this book even better. Of course it's because I'm a girl who loves all the details, clarity, and getting into a guy's head.

But there is really so much more. The additional stories that are added in, are UGH, JUST AWESOME. After Leo's and Evie's first date, Leo heads to a bar to and makes friends with another person who is struggling with their own personal issues. As they talk about their problems they both find solace that things will be okay for them. Even though their encounter is brief, it is perfect execution for introspection. Two strangers helping each other in some way, completely by chance. It was perfection.

The shell story!! Wait for it people... you will LOVE IT! A new scene was added to the end of the penthouse scene! If Evie were real, I'd punch her in the arm for forgetting to tell us this story in the first book! LOVE.

You will get introduced to Leo's therapist, Dr. Fox, who he met in the hospital after his accident. It was cool to see Leo with a functioning male figure that was trying to help him make sense of what happened to him, and put the hurt behind him. In my mind, Dr. Fox was totally Robin Williams from Good Will Hunting. They have a touching relationship and you will really enjoy it as a reader.

OMG!!! LAUREN FREAKING CRAZY PANTS!!!! Aren't you DYING to know what the hell was up with that crazy scum of the earth?? Holy crap, it's crazier than you think. She is insane and there is a lot more behind the scenes that you'll find out about her.

Yeah, Lauren is nuts and must go away now. Buh bye.

In the first book I really didn't think about it much, but Leo really didn't appear have anyone to lean on. You find out that he really does have good friends that are looking out for him and keeping his best interests in mind. His secretary, Christine, is more like a big sister or aunt to him. His father's business partner, Preston, really respects him and is on his side.

 My only little complaint was that Leo really had Evie on a pedestal, and thought she was a saint. She's great, you're smitten, we get it. Get a grip Leo. He does go on and on about her. Some of his caveman possessiveness was a bit over the top at times. But just when I thought his behavior was beyond crazy, listening to his explanation totally made sense.

"I'm not really sure what that dynamic is between us, but it was always there growing up, and something about it always seemed to work for us, it would calm her and calm me. I had a need to be in control, and maybe she had a need to give someone else control. Whatever it was- it worked for us then, and I find myself reverting back to it now."  

Well, I REALLY liked this one folks. I think you will too if you are ready for a smart, introspective, emotional read that doesn't skimp on steamy scenes. It was different, and just what I was looking for.

"We didn't know how much love and forgiveness and understanding would be required to make it back on the path we were meant to be on, together. But what we did know was that we were here because we had both been willing to fight; to fight for each other, to fight for won"

Mia Sheridan was kind enough to answer some questions for us. After reading these emotional books, I had to pick the brain of the author who created these characters. Check out this independently published, USA Today best selling author's website HERE.

 Leo is the first book in the Sign of Love series. Tell us a little about where your inspiration for the story came from?
I sat down to write the story of Leo and Evie at the beginning of the year and although I had a really good feel for the characters I wanted to write about, I wasn't exactly sure where their story would go. One day I opened up Yahoo and there was a fun little article about "Your sex sign," or something along those lines. I read it and I thought, wouldn't it be interesting to take a character who had the main characteristic of one of the signs and have life throw something at him or her that would challenge that innate characteristic? What would that look like? How would they react? How would they fight to get back to the path they were meant to be on? I knew immediately that Jake was my Leo, my fierce and loyal lion. Their story took shape from there. 

Tell us what we should expect from the Sign of Love series.

Each book in the sign of love series will be a stand-alone with no cliffhanger. Originally, I intended on doing one for each sign… but I may mix a couple of the signs or do something different in a couple of them. We'll see. ;)  I probably won't do another pov book only because I rarely think it's very necessary. The reason I chose to do so with Leo was because Jake was keeping a secret throughout the story and I thought he exhibited some behavior that I was clear about, but that I thought could use some explanation in his own words. And there was really no way to do a dual pov in Leo without blatantly revealing what was actually going on. I wanted readers to know how he was struggling with his lie and how conflicted he was about who he was and who he wanted to be.

Leo was your debut novel. Tell us about that journey.

It took me about two months to write Leo. It will always be my most unique journey because I honestly was just writing it for myself. I sincerely didn't think more than a couple people and maybe my neighbors and husband would read it! If I knew then what I know now, or had any idea how many people would actually download it, I don't know if I'd have the courage to publish! I just look back at myself kind of like a country bumpkin, like "lalala, I'll just publish mah little book here." :D I didn't even know what a blogger was or a book tour, or anything really! I was completely clueless.
The hardest part for me is that doing something like this is WAY outside my comfort zone. I hate putting myself up in front of others, especially to be judged and reviewed! I shake like a leaf when I have to introduce myself in front of a group of ten people. I'm ridiculous that way. It's the part I struggle with the most – but in the end, it's probably good for me. Immersion therapy or something?

Thanks so much Mia! Congratulations on your success and I, along with many others, can't wait to read more from you in the future!

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