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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Ruined by S. Pratt

We all have secrets. Some are just buried deeper than others. But they’re there – hidden deep within. Mine I bury in that little red box people call a heart. Sometimes I wonder if I have a heart
at all, for if I did I surely wouldn’t do the things I’ve done. Some people have that line they just don’t cross, while others have never had to draw it in the sand in the first place. They already
know what is right from wrong. They know the consequence of stepping over it and they are just not willing. Others go barreling clean over it. No care for boundaries at all. Me, I know what
ramifications my actions would have. Well, if anyone ever found out about them. But they won’t. I will never tell a soul my secret.
It will just be mine.
It's taboo.  A love affair that shouldn't be.  But both are powerless to stop it.  It has transcended across time.  People would be hurt if they were found out.  The town would talk.  They're love must be kept secret.  It must end.

Ruined hooked me from the start.  I seriously could not put it down.  I was torn about my feelings on this mainly because the main character, Bailey Michaels, was having this secret affair.  She could not quit her lover.  She craved him, needed him.  Her heart and soul belonged to this secret man.  She tried living a normal life to the point where she gets engaged to another man.  But her fiancé will never do.  He's not her Angel.  

As I progressed in the book I then became torn between the two men in Bailey's life.  I felt so bad for her fiancé because you can clearly see he's a good man and he's giving her all of himself knowing she's holding back.  But at the same time I see her relationship with Angel and I can feel the burning love and passion between them.

S. Pratt doesn't reveal to us readers who Angel is till towards the end.  I kept making guesses as to who he could be for their affair to be such a no no.  I was blown away and never saw his identy coming.  Bravo Ms. Pratt for such talented story weaving.  Bra-Freaking-Vo!  I was excited to learn there's a sequel, told from Angel's POV.  Once I reached the end of the book I wanted more.  I needed more.  I'm looking forward to reading Angel's story.
Amazon: Paperback:
S. Pratt is a multi-genre author who lives on the east coast of
Australia in northern New South Wales with her husband and
two children. She has a choc Labrador, Scooby-Doo, and two little
mice that the kids promised they'd look after. This is now Shelly's
job, amongst other things. Things you may not know about
Shelly? She has four tattoos and would love more, is only now in
her 30's becoming a wine whore and is a fiercely, loyal friend.
Shelly's breakout novel, Ruined and companion novella, Ruining
Angel are contemporary romance fiction books available on kindle
and print from the Amazon store.
Sanctuary of Mine is her latest work in the New Adult Romance
genre. (Graphic Design by Cover It Designs). Available NOW.
Beloved Soul by Shelly Pratt is available through Amazon and
is published through Eternal Press. Please note that Beloved
Soul's cover artwork, editing and publication are all done through
Eternal Press.
All other novels are written and published by S. Pratt. Editing
acknowledgements go to those who are listed on each individual
book title.
You can find all the latest information about Shelly and her other
books (in different genres) by visiting

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