Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review: The Tycoon's Secret Daughter by Susan Meier

Max Montgomery is a recovering alcoholic. He lost his wife eight years ago because his drinking drove her to the edge. Max believes he scared her so bad when he was in a drunken rage that she had to leave. But Max doesn't know the real reason why she left....
Years later Kate is back in town because her father has had some health issues. While at the hospital, she runs into Max. All she really wants is to avoid him. She is bitter and doesn't trust him, especially since she is harboring a secret. She doesn't think that he could ever stay sober or change. Once an addict, always an addict, right? 
This book is a good example of how people's previous opinions of who a person is can truly change when you open your eyes and your heart and take a good look at the present and not always dwell on the past. People can change for the good, or people can change for the bad. But if you stay close minded that a person will never change, then you can loose out on knowing or loving a great person. 
It is also a good example that an addict, whether it'd be alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or gambling, has to want to get clean for himself- and no one else. Max may have gotten sober originally for Kate thinking she would come back, but it was him wanting to be a better person that kept him sober. Max earned my respect by not giving up in proving himself. 
Kate's bitterness, while understandable, did start to wear on me. At times it made me almost want to yell, 'Open your eyes and give Max a real chance to not only show you that he is sober, but that he will try everything in his power to stay sober!' It's all about giving second chances, and having faith in the other person. I really enjoyed this book a lot.
Two of my favorite quotes from this books are: 
"I still can't promise you forever. At least not in the conventional sense. But as Annette pointed out, some people will be hit by a bus or in a traffic accident this year. Some of them might have promised forever and they'll be reneging on the deal through no fault of their own."
"I might have quit for you, but I stayed sober for myself" 


Harlie Reader said...

Great review Janna. I love my straight Harlequin Romnaces. Some of them deal with real life issues and I find that refreshing in romance novels.


Maria D. said...

Good review! I'm adding this to my reading list - I love 2nd chance romance


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