Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kelly Jamieson Release: Sweet Deal

I've seen Kelly Jamieson's books around a lot lately. Call me crazy, but when I see a book featured a lot in a short matter of time, I feel like it's saying, 'T, read me....' Or it could just be me saying, 'Ohhh, another book I want to read! Must buy now...' Either way, this books sounds great- and looks hot- so I wanted to share it. Below is an excerpt from the authors website. Best part of all? It was also just released too! 

They drank another beer, chatted a bit more, danced again. As the evening grew cooler, Shelby slipped on a hoodie she’d brought. She almost forgot to be aware of where Andrew was, and whether he was watching them. As the crowd dwindled, she looked at Jake with regret. 

“We could leave now,” she said softly. “I think our mission is accomplished.” 

“Yeah. Okay.” He nodded and set down the cola he’d requested instead of beer last time. “I’ll drive you back to your car.” 

“Oh. Yeah.” She hesitated. “You know, that wasn’t very smart of me, but I think I’ve had too much to drink.” She bit her bottom lip as she met his eyes. “I completely forgot I had to drive.” 

“That’s okay. I’ll just drive you home then. Will you be able to get your car tomorrow?” 

Things were pleasantly blurry as they walked hand in hand toward the parking lot. “Yeah, I’ll get it somehow. But thanks for driving me home. Geez, I feel so stupid.” 

“You are far from stupid, Shelby Rose.” 

“I like how you call me that,” she confessed. He opened the passenger door of his Audi SUV, and she paused. “Man, this is a high vehicle.” 

“It is for an elf,” he said. “Here.” He lifted her and sat her on the passenger seat, then closed her door. 

“Hey!” But he was walking around the vehicle to his side. She glared at him when he slid in and he grinned.

“I’m teasing.” He leaned over and brushed his mouth across hers, sending tingles cascading over her whole body. She blinked at him, then remembered to fasten her seat belt. 

He parked on the street in front of her apartment building in the quiet residential neighborhood and walked with her to the door. As she paused at the door, the shadows of the tall queen palm shifting moonlight over and around them, he slipped his fingers beneath her chin and lifted her face. She stared back at him, her gaze moving over his dark eyes, crinkled at the corners as he smiled, the cleft in the middle of his chin, the sexy curve of his lower lip. Oh. Her breath whooshed out of her. 

Heat expanded, the air around them feeling like it might ignite, and then they were wrapped in each other’s arms, mouths fused together in a hot, impetuous kiss, bold, frantic and hungry. 

His arms crushed her to him, her purse thunked to the ground and her feet lifted as he hauled her higher and tighter to his body. 

“Jesus,” he muttered against her mouth, before taking it again in another devouring kiss. She kissed him back, mindless, frenzied. The sexual tension that had been smoldering inside her all evening burst into flames. Heat swept over her. 
His tongue dragged over hers, licked her bottom lip, then his mouth sealed over hers again. An intense ache bloomed low in her belly, and she slid her hands into his hair, holding his head, and she kissed him back, a full-mouthed, full-bodied kiss that had more heat exploding between them. 
Eventually, she pulled back, panting, heart hammering, and gasped, “Wait.” 

He made a sound like a groan. 

“We don’t have to do this,” she wheezed. “This was supposed to be an act.” 

He made a derisive noise. “Yeah. It was supposed to be. But don’t tell me you don’t feel it too, Shelby Rose.” 

His hands tightened on her ass, pulling her against him, and she felt his erection against her belly. Holy crap, he was big. She’d made him that hard. And he’d made her so wet her panties were soaked. You couldn’t fake that kind of reaction. She gazed up at him, uncertain of what to do now. 

“Invite me in,” he ordered softly. 

She licked her lips. She wanted to, she really, really did, but she’d made this mistake before. Slept with guys too soon, because they got her all hot and bothered, because dammit she liked men, and she loved sex.  Her friends had analyzed to death her tendency to fall into bed with men and she knew it had to do with wanting attention from them, and she was determined she was done with all that. But all those old doubts fell away when she studied him, remembering what he’d done for her that evening, how he’d helped her, how he’d really cared that she fixed things with her boss, and a tender warmth spread through her. 
 She was lost. 

See....I tol' you! This book is definitely moving up on my TBR list asap.

Oh, and isn't the book cover a beauty?

Happy Release Day, Kelly!


Maria D. said...

I love Kelly's books - you will not be sorry if you read them:)

Kelly Jamieson said...

AW, thank you Maria!!! xoxo
And thanks Taryn for posting about Sweet Deal!

Kelly said...

This book sounds great. Just put it on my wish list.Checked out Kelly's other books on Amazon. I don't know how I haven't discovered her before today!


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