Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review: Submission by Lora Leigh

Submission is the second book in the Bound Hearts series. 

Ten years ago Ella Delacourte ran from her marriage.  The kink, the dominating and submitting, those were Jase's thing.  What started out as playful exploration turned much darker.  Her heart wasn't in it; not in the bedroom nor her marriage.  She knew what was coming next.  Knew Jase would bring in a third.  James Wyman was her husband's friend, employee, and the only man who could truly make her submit.  She was ashamed of her desires.  Afraid of her husband discovering her true passion.  So she ran and fought what was burning inside her.

James knew how Ella felt about him; he felt the same.  He could see the desire in her eyes.  He knew she was it.  James thought he'd give her time to come to him.  Ten years is a long time to wait and James' patience just ran out.

Trying to repair the damage she caused in her relationship with her daughter, Tess, Ella moves back to Virginia to be closer to her.  As a favor to Tess, Ella allows James to stay in her home while his housing is being situated.  After all these years she's been plagued with fantasies of him.  But, she has worked hard at controlling her desires.  She can put up with him for a short time.  She can resist.  James on the other hand has grown tired of Ella's self control.  It's about time she let the walls down, let him show her the pleasure she's needing and has been fighting for so long.  It's time for her to become his.

Submission is book 2 in the Bound Hearts series.  We met Ella in the previous story.  She came off as being a complete prude in Surrender.  Who knew there was a naughty girl hiding inside her.  She just needed someone man enough to draw it out.  She needed James Wyman.  Ella is putty is James' hands.  She finally "thaws" out and welcomes the heat in.  Ooh-la-la, Miss Lora Leigh you have done it again!  This is another short read, but oh so steamy.

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Maria D. said...

Good review! I'm starting this series over so I have to go back to the first book but I'm looking forward to it.


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