Sunday, June 10, 2012

ARC Review: Worth The Risk by Karen Erickson

Gracie Hayes was abandoned as a child.  Made a ward of the state and shuffled from foster home to foster home.  She was forced to grow up quickly and take care of herself.  Never having been loved or cared for by anyone, how could she put her trust in someone and love them?  It was better to build a steel wall around her heart.  If she never let anyone in, then she couldn't get hurt.

Hunter Worth is charming, handsome, powerful and rich.  He is the VP and Head of Brand Marketing for his family's business, Worth Luxury Goods.  He's a ladies' man.  Hunter is not looking to settle down anytime soon.  He's use to getting what he wants.  He's a Worth; he can get whatever he wants.  Until now.

This is the second book in the Worth It series by Karen Erickson.  Gracie works at Worth in the marketing department.  She loves her job.  She worked very hard for her success.  One careless night, after a couple of drinks she found herself in a dark hallway at a pub in Hunter's arms.  Those few moments of scorching kisses branded her.  Knowing where the kiss was leading she pushes him away.  She won't risk her job; her heart.  The only problem is she can't get that night or him out of her mind.  She finally gives in to the passion, but she's always running away.  She's always pushing him away.  Hunter isn't use to being rejected.  Gracie's constant rejection and the feelings she stirs in him are a completely new territory.  He can't stop thinking of her...her scent...her taste.  The thought of other women does not appeal to him.  He only wants Gracie.

Worth The Risk is definitely "worth" the read.  Hunter and Gracie are electric.  You can feel the magnetic pull between these two.  But, it's not so easy.  As good as it is between them, Gracie can't seem to let her guard down.  She put me through the emotional ringer.  Hunter to an extent was putting himself out there.  He wasn't ready to completely jump off the ledge and admit to his feelings.  Honestly, he didn't realize what he was feeling.  But, he did admit that what they had together was worth exploring.  Gracie, on the other hand, had so many emotional obstacles to overcome.  She's been alone, practically, her whole life.  She has had no one to care for her or look out for her.  She didn't know how to trust or love.  She didn't know her self worth.  These were emotions that she fought hard against.  I just kept wanting to shout at her to just do it!  Take the chance!  But it was easier to run.  It will literally take a life changing experience to get these two where they belong. 

My absolute favorite quote from the book.  Yeah, Ms. Erickson made me cry with this line.  "I can't imagine my life without you anymore, Gracie.  I need you.  I need you more than my last breath."


Maria D. said...

Good review! I have both books in this series but I'm ashamed to admit they are languishing in my TBR. Thanks for sharing your review.

DiDi said...

I have got to get to this series ASAP. I have seen great reviews on both of them.


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