Monday, June 11, 2012

Review: Catch ME by Jennifer Probst

Rick Steele is a dealer in Las Vegas at his friend’s casino, the Castillo Hotel and Resort.  His friend convinces Rick to go on a one night stand through a dating service that specializes in arranging one night stands for its clients.  Rick really doesn’t want to be there but he gives it a shot.   

Tara Denton is Rick’s date for the one night stand and she is emotionally damaged and physically scarred from the abuse she suffered from her ex.  She does not feel beautiful at all and when she sees Rick she really wants to back out because in her eyes he looks like Thor and in no way would want her.  She is also scared that he will be turned off by her scars or scare her while they are intimate. 

Rick wants her the second he lays eyes on her and makes it known to her that she will be well taken care of in his hands.  He is patient with her and puts her at ease.  Almost immediately he wants to make her his permanently but Tara isn’t anywhere close to be ready for that.   At dawn, as per the contract, they go their separate ways.

This was a very good short quick read.  I loved the idea of the book, a one night stand dating service that makes it safer for those involved.  The story flowed well and even though everything happened in a one night time frame it wasn’t rushed.  I liked how Rick understood that Tara was still scared to be intimate with other men after what she had been through and would be so patient when she would need a minute to remember she wasn’t back in that bad place.  Tara needed to be shown that she was beautiful, scars and all, and the right man for her wouldn’t find them as a turn off but as a badge of survival, and that is what Rick tried to do.  I really enjoyed this book and am going to read the next two books in this series.  My only complaint is that I would have liked to see this be a little longer.


Maria D. said...

Good review! I agree some of the 1Night Stand stories need to be just a little bit longer for full character development:)

DiDi said...

I have stayed away from the 1NS because I need "more" but I have a couple of reviewers who enjoy them for a quick lunch time read =)

Jennifer Probst said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful review! Am thrilled you liked it and want to read the next two in the series. Yes, the 1NS are very short - I could have easily written much more about Rick and Tara but the word count is limited to a short story. Thanks again!


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