Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ARC Review: At Last by Jill Shalvis

Running. Amy Michaels was good at that.  She ran from her bad decisions, ran from her past. Not trusting anyone or even herself.  Following a journey her late grandmother took three decades before, Amy finds herself in the quaint, little coastal town of Lucky Harbor, Washington.  She hoped to find the Peace, Hope and Heart her grandmother wrote about in her journals.  She never expected to find so much more.

Matt Bowers left behind his life in Chicago for a fresh start.  Former Navy, then SWAT, he’s now a supervisory forest ranger. He likes the quiet and simplicity of Lucky Harbor. After a disastrous marriage the last thing he wants is to get involved with anyone.  But there is something about Amy that just gets under his skin.

This is the first novel I have read by Jill Shalvis and it will NOT be the last.  I’m eager to go back and read the rest of the Lucky Harbor series.  The story captures you from the start.  I love the banter between Amy and Matt.  The conversations between them just flow beautifully.  Amy and Matt, both are reluctant to give into their hearts.  Amy learned a long time ago to use her sexuality to achieve her means.  She’s changed that about herself.  For years she has denied her basic, primal need.   Something she didn’t even notice missing till she caught Matt’s eye.  He stirs those long buried feelings in her.  She’s afraid though once he learns about her past the way he looks at her now will change. Matt blames himself for the end of his marriage and his career in Chicago.  He believes he is better off alone.  He can’t deny the attraction he has to Amy, but he sees the hesitancy to trust him in her eyes.  He feels he doesn’t deserve her trust anyway.  He let his ex-wife down.  He has no business getting involved with anyone. 

They both give into their passion, but will they give into their hearts?  At Last is a beautiful love story filled with personal growth and forgiveness.  The romance is hot, but the emotions involved make it that much sweeter. 

"I've made some pretty spectacular mistakes in my life," he said quietly.  "The latest was when I let you think I'd given up on us."


cutiephinphin said...

I totally enjoyed this series and all others. Do check out the rest of her books.

Maria D. said...

I just got my copy of this yesterday and can't wait to read it. I love Jill's writing and she really does a great job with character development. Thanks for the review

Nikki said...

This is my favorite series from Jill Shalvis....Can't get enough! :)


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