Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Zane (Alluring Indulgences #2) by Nicole Edwards

I hate to say this but…..the McCay boys are no longer my most favorite HOTTIE HOTTIE Cowboys. They now share that distinction with the Walker Boys. Don’t get me wrong, I still love me some McKays, but the Walkers are right there with them. Mmmmm…..Yummy……

Add into that and Zane is just HOTTTIE McHottie! OMG! (just a moment, I need wipe the drool off my face.)

Zane and Vanessa are friends with benefits. When Zane is attacked in front of Vanessa’s house, he ends up fighting for his life. Vanessa feels responsible for the attack on Zane. She starts to fall apart. As a result she pulls away from Zane.

When Zane finally gets out of the hospital he relentlessly pursues Vanessa. He’s determined to help her get over the attack she witnessed while making her fall in love with him.

The scenes between Zane and Vanessa are HOT!! OMG! They were scorching. Then we add in Beau for a little three way action and HOLY HOT HELL BATMAN! Hang on to your panties! There’s a little twist in this threesome that will make you go hmmmm…….

Then tension and suspense of the story is amazing. Zane is the typical alpha male and his inner dom is coming out! I hope we see more of Zane and Vanessa!

The teaser into Travis’s story is intriguing and HOT! I think this whole series is going to be HOT! I’m so looking forward to the other stories. Nicole Edwards has become one of my new Favorite Authors!

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