Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Review: Red Zone by Sherri Hayes

Gage is a t HOT football star. He’s good-looking, his star is rising, and he’s a confirmed bachelor.

Rebecca is the stereotypical FBI Government agent. She’s reserved, dresses conservatively and doesn’t do flashy.

So, how in the world is she going to pretend to be Gage’s girlfriend in order to protect him from a stalker?

One Touch….
One Kiss…
One Family Reunion….

She’s lost…and so is he…

Gage has a great sense of humor. When he gets stuck with the stuffy FBI agent as his pretend girlfriend, he decides to have a little fun with it. He decides to push her buttons and get a reaction out of her. He does it all without being mean. He just pushes her to get her off-kilter.

Rebecca tried to keep Gage at arms length. But he won’t have it. He does everything he can to get closer to her and keep her on her toes. Rebecca’s not opposed to finding love, she just wants to be sure it’s with the right person. Losers need not apply!

Then they dance. Gage holds Rebecca in his arms and they kiss. They lose sight of everything else and find an all-consuming passion with each other. Will Rebecca give in to Gage’s seduction or will she let her childhood stop her from finding happiness?

This was a great love story. We had a some suspense built in with trying to figure out who was stalking Gage. There was nothing earth-shattering with either the romance or the stalking. But, it was still good. I enjoyed both the romantic plot and the suspense plot.  Both were like a comfortable blanket you put on to keep you warm at night. They’re familiar and the make you feel all cozy inside.

Sherri Hayes is a talented writer. She draws you in to the story and makes you feel part of their lives. I love that she has different series with different levels of emotional upheaval. Her Finding Anna series is dark and twisted. Her Daniels Brothers series, while suspenseful, is full of love and laughter and all things comforting. I love the versatility!

I’m looking forward to the next one in the series. There has to be another one because I need to find out what happens between Rebecca’s sister and Gage’s brother! Bring on another Daniels Brother Romance!

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