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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Arouse by Nina Lane

"One day I'm going to touch you in a thousand different ways and show you how to touch me," he said.

And he did.

Struggling with a tormented past, undergraduate Olivia Winter once led a practical but isolated life. Then she met Professor Dean West, a brilliant scholar of medieval history who melted Liv's inhibitions and taught her the meaning of both love and erotic pleasure. But after three years of a blissful, lusty marriage, Liv and Dean now face a crisis that threatens everything they believe about each other...and sex might not be enough to save them. 

Wow! Excellent writing. Intelligent, hot, alpha male. Relatable main character. Superb supporting characters.

High expectations can destroy a book for me.


This one came highly recommended from readers whose opinion I trust. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. My fellow book girls were right-on. This one got under my skin. I was rooting for this couple and I couldn't bear to see their relationship fail. The writing is flawless. Nina Lane knows how to create characters whose actions and feelings make a lasting connection with the reader because they are so authentic.                        

Dean West is the equally gorgeous and intelligent husband of the main character, Olivia. Dean is brilliant in his field of study and respected. He is enamored with younger wife, and deeply protective of her. Dean tries to give her a stable environment that was lacking in her childhood.                                  

Olivia had a troubled past with her delinquent mother and absentee father. Her way to survive was to isolate herself from people who could hurt her. Dean has been her safe haven and her stability, like no one else has ever been. Coupled with her intense physical attraction to Dean, they have a strong connection. However, Olivia is struggling with a stalling career. She has moved with her husband so many times, so that he could further his career, that the instability of it all has wrecked hers. Now that her and her husband are putting down roots, Olivia is trying to find her own identity.

They have a strong emotional and physical connection, but insecurity and secrets are eating away at what was once perfect. Can they survive? Can they find their way through the obstacles that block them from happiness. The story starts at an interesting point, that is rarely seen in the romance genre. The book begins with the couple being married for three years, together for five. Usually this is the end result or where the couple is moving toward in a story. Flash backs are inserted throughout the story in relevant areas. They show the reader when and how Olivia and Dean met, and how the relationship developed and progressed. Usually these flashbacks are placed after a conflict or when the characters are doubting their relationship. These flashbacks just strengthened for me, as a reader, how much this couple belongs together and really share something special.

First, I must say that if the "married couple" part doesn't sound like your thing, I have to convince you otherwise. If you can relate to a long term relationship that also happens to have intense sexual attraction, you will fall hard for this book. Even though the subject matter can sometimes be heartbreaking, the romance and little inserts of humor balance this read so well. Don't just take my word for it, this book has received high ratings across the board. It really is that good.

There was a significant portion of the book that I only saw Olivia's POV, so I was really angry and confused by her husband's actions. Then, when I was at my breaking point with Dean, the author turns a chapter over to Dean's POV. It was brilliant and so completely needed. I got it then. I could understand both sides and how they both were feeling. I wanted to make them sit down and purge all the thoughts they had been holding back. Olivia and Dean are one of my favorite book couples, and I was really rooting for them.

The supporting characters all leave their mark on the story. Kelsey is the tough as nails best friend of the couple. She takes no crap from anyone, and definitely is not pulling any punches. She is the perfect friend for this couple, who can't seem to get the words out. I could totally relate to Kelsey. Allie, the super quirky bookstore owner, provides the comic relief that balances out the intensity of this book. She also complements Olivia's personality. They grew up very differently, yet are both finding their way professionally. Tyler, the adorable chef and culinary teacher, sees what Olivia is missing. He works hard to change it, by boosting her self worth. Tyler is a real catalyst character.

This was the first book that I read of Nina Lane's, and it definitely won't be my last. This book was FIVE STARS for me, and I can't wait to read more about these characters in the sequel. There are just enough open ends without it being a cliffhanger. This couple still has things to work through. I can't wait to see how they are able to work things out, while also learning more about their past. The sequel, Allure, is set for May 2013 release. I, along with a fast growing group of fans, will be awaiting anxiously.

Nina Lane is a multi-published author of elegant, romantic and often raunchy erotica. Her recent release AROUSE is the first book in the Spiral of Bliss series, and her novel THE EROTIC DARK is a #1 Amazon erotica bestseller.

Nina used to write novels under the name Natasha Rostova and has published stories in anthologies such as “Best Women’s Erotica” and “Erotic Travel Tales.” Her work has been translated into both German and Japanese. In addition to writing, she's an avid reader who loves popcorn and has recently joined a workout boot-camp that is kicking her rear end.
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Nina Lane said...

Thank you so much, Bridget and My Secret Romance! Bridget, your review is amazing, perceptive, and thoughtful (I love that you understood Tyler sees what Liv needs -- even if SHE doesn't quite get it yet). I so appreciate your participation in the blog tour and for the wonderful support. I adore the images and still have to share a couple of them on FB - I'm saving them like cookies. Thank you so much for everything. ♥♥♥

laura troxel said...

This book sounds great. Love finding a new book to read.


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