Monday, May 27, 2013

Review: Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines

So this book just wasn't that impressive.

I was really and truly looking forward to Wood's story since I loved him from the moment he was first introduced in the Too Far series. ...And don't get me wrong- I still love his character, even after reading this story. But with that being said, I think my expectations were just too high before starting this book.

For starters, I think the sex dominated this book more than the actual story-line. Abbi Glines can write some pretty steamy scenes, I'll give her that... But I had a hard time believing that the heroine Della, and Woods actually had any real connection unless they were spending time behind closed doors. It was almost as if the majority of the time that they spent together and got to even know each other on a more personal level was when they were having sex. I'm all for some steamy scenes, but when a book seems to be more sex than story, that's when I start to have issues. It just seemed like I couldn't get through more than a few pages without Woods feeling the need to bend Della over the second they're in the same room together- It got old and excessively repetitive. It really made it hard to form any kind of connection to these characters when the depth and development only seemed to revolve around the sex.

Another issue I had with this story was the heroine, Della. I just really couldn't ever connect to her character and in turn I wasn't her biggest fan. Supposedly she had some serious issues due to her very sheltered upbringing... And by sheltered, I mean she literally never left her house, minus the few times she was able to sneak out. She had no idea how to even pump gas in her car, for God's sake. Yet, her character was just such a contradiction to her past and the way she behaved just never added up for me. You'd never think by her actions that she lived such a sheltered life, which was my biggest issue with her character. She was extremely free and sexual for a girl who was supposedly locked away for most of her life. My belief could only go so far before it all just seemed a bit too skeptical for my taste.

...Oh, and wouldn't you know... Insta-love strikes again.

I really just needed a lot more build up to Della and Wood's relationship. However, they meet and feel this instant attraction that both of them can't deny. So many questions just went unanswered in this story... What I really wanted to know was what's the real reasons behind why they liked each other aside from all the hot and dirty sex? Do they have any common interests? What about common goals? I mean, absolutely no depth went beyond their relationship aside from sex.

Over-all, this wasn't a bad book. For me, it just fell incredibly flat. The ending was a bit cliffhanger-ish and pretty unexpected, but it didn't affect me to the extent that I feel like I'm absolutely dying to read the next book. I may be in the minority when it comes to my feelings about this story, but needless to say it wasn't an impressive start to a new series.


April said...

I love everything about your review. I was more vague in mine because I was on the tour, but you summed up all my feelings right here.

I felt like a total prude after reading this, because I was just totally turned off by all the sex.. not because it was sex. I like sex, but it was dirty and had no real feelings backing it... and it most definitely took over the story.

And yes!!! Every time they were alone he was bending her over something. you are so right, and then when they weren't alone, he was thinking about her hot ass and titties and how he would like to bend her over something.

So glad I found someone who agrees with me! :)

Alyssa said...

April- I'm so glad that you agree with me too! :) I know we're probably in the minority when it comes to our feelings about this one, but it ended up being nothing but a disappointment for me unfortunately. Hopefully the next book in the series is better, but I'm still undecided on if I'm going to read it or not.


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