Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review: Sheltered by Charlotte Stein

This review isn’t going to be pretty... you’ve been warned.

I just couldn’t get into this book for the life of me. The characters felt one dimensional and the story lacked… well… a storyline. I don’t mind sex in my romance novels, as long as I don’t feel like it’s either a constant filler, or on every turn of the page. Unfortunately for me, this book just had entirely way too much of it.

Van and Evie were just… well… awkward. It’s really the best and most accurate description I have for these two characters. I’m all about sweet and innocent heroines- they’re my favorite type to read about. But Evie… her naivety was to the extreme. The way she referenced Van’s… *cough* …certain body parts as a “thing” or a “bowling ball between his legs”…yeah, that just didn’t work for me. In fact, a lot of things she said were really awkward and just freaking weird. For example:

“Do you have any other tattoos I can’t usually see?” A sound came out of him— half-amused, half-not— and he turned his face away. Put a hand up to his mouth, and rubbed over the scratch of stubble there. “Yeah, but you’re not seeing them.” “...Are they in rude places?”

Rude places?

Is this a joke? Who says that! I was embarrassed for her, just by reading her conversations with Van. I can’t even count the number of times I zoned out while reading this book. I was reading paragraph after paragraph, yet not comprehending what it was I was reading, and not caring enough to even go back and try to grasp an understanding of what it was I had just read. The novel just spent entirely way too much time in Evie’s thoughts, taking away from the… well… lack of story.

I honestly have nothing good to say about this novel. If reading pages and pages of endless make-out sessions, step-by-step instructions on how to deflower a virgin, and listening to her vulgar thoughts in the process of it all, is your type of read... then this is the book for you. Otherwise, I would stay as far away from this novel as possible- you’d be doing yourself a favor. 


Maria D. said...

Wowza...the dialogue is enough to turn me off...lol....This doesn't sound like my cup of tea either - I hate when gratuitous sex is used as filler for what should be a plot.

cutiephinphin said...

I'm sorry to say that even the cover of the book doesn't look appealing... The guy looks like some villain. I'm surprised that he isn't tattooed all over his body. And the dialogue is a total turn off.

Alyssa said...

And guys... is it me, or does the guy on the cover look like he has a shaved head except for one long black pony-tail? Ewww! Please do yourselves a favor, and skip this one! It honestly isn't worth it! (Or at least it wasn't for me!) =(


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