Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review: The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher

There are moments in our lives when we find ourselves at a crossroads, confused, without a road map. The choices we make in those moments can define the rest of our days.– One Tree Hill
HOLY GREAT BALLS OF FIRE...I LOVED THIS BOOK! I never wanted it to end and when it did, I was sick with grief. How can a book do this to me?

This is by far the best book I've read all year! Can I give this book more than 5 stars?

If an opportunity presented itself would you take it regardless of the consequences? Even if it didn't matter if it was the right move or wrong move, so long as it furthers you along, would you still take it?

Olivia has a bit of a mean jealous streak in her. But honestly, who doesn't? She loves Caleb beyond what she can comprehend. So she'll do what she has to in order to have him in her life. When she runs into him at a music shop three years after their bitter breakup, she realizes she never let go of the feelings she had for him. How could she? Caleb is intelligent, attractive, caring, an all around good guy. She believes the choices she made ruined them. But what Olivia doesn't know is how manipulative Caleb can be: almost as manipulative as her.

Sadly for Olivia, Caleb has no recollection of who Olivia is when they speak at the music shop. He was in a car accident after their break up and lost his memory. Olivia is heart-stricken over this. How could he forget all the good times they shared…their love…how they met? Everything! Olivia quickly recovers from the initial shock of Caleb not remembering anything. She sees this as an opportunity to make things right again and start over. Unfortunately for her, again, Caleb is dating someone else. He’s been with Leah since before the car accident, so Leah tells him.

What transpires after the first few chapters is mind blowing. There is so much that happens I don’t even know where to begin. Just know this: Caleb and Olivia share a love like no other. A love that runs so deep it tears them apart over and over. A love that made my chest ache with anxiety to the point of agony. They exploit every situation they have to work in their favor until it backfires on them. Until there is no time left. But don't think it's just Caleb and Olivia. Oh, no, no, no! There are a few other opponents playing as well. The question is which side are they on?

Olivia is a manipulating little wench. But so is Caleb. He is not the Saint he is painted to be. BELIEVE ME. He plays a huge pawn in this game. What he did was a total and complete shock, like a slap to the face. I did not see it coming! Actually there were many things I didn’t see coming. But that’s the beauty of this book. You will be taken on one hell of a psychological ride the entire time reading The Opportunist.

This book just goes to show that all it takes is one wrong move and your life will be irrevocably changed forever. Tarryn Fisher is a fabulous story teller and writer, but an evil little thing for creating this book. I don't know whether I want to slap her senseless or kiss her speechless for creating this intoxicating story! The way she spun the lies and deceit, the love and hate, the story line and full character development was amazing. This story weaved through the past and the present just right. You were not left confused with each chapter, only that you wanted more. MORE! MORE! MORE! Don't get me started on the angst...oh the angst! It's what I live for in a book. If you want and love angst, then read this book. You will be choking on it.

Once you start this book you won't be able to stop. It's addicting, captivating and appealing to all ages. The Opportunist is the kind of book you love to hate- and I mean that in the nicest way possible. The Opportunist should come with a warning label. It's the kind of book that takes every ounce out of you, sucking you dry, and yet you're still begging for more! The kind of book you want to read over and over and never want to end. The Opportunist is like a mind trip. It plays with your brain.

I stayed up until 3am reading this book. My husband woke in the middle of the night and looked at me like I was crazy. I had my kindle, which I was gripping so tightly in my hands and my eyes nearly popping from my head. He couldn’t believe I was still awake reading.

When I awoke the next morning after finishing this book, the first thing I did was look up Tarryn Fisher. I mean, as soon as I cracked my eyes open, I had my phone in my hands and I was looking her up. I needed to know whether this story actually ended or not. Because honestly, I did not like the ending, but then again, I think that's why I loved the book so much. She really squeezed and tugged on my nearly pulverized heart with that ending. It couldn’t possibly end…. It just can't!

I am happy to say there will be another book! A sequel! I am beyond happy you can't even begin to imagine! The only problem? It won't be released until April 2013. 2013! That is too damn far away for me. She needs to hurry up.


Lee Anne said...

I am SO going to have to get this book now!

Maria D. said...

Good review! are very passionate about staying up late when you love a book:)

Nikki said...

You sold me! Went through the link and bought it! :)


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