Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review: Pure Bliss by Sophie Oak

Can life in Bliss, Colorado get any better, or any funnier? Sophie Oak paints a wonderful world of tolerance, humor, and most importantly, family. The Bliss, Colorado series is wonderful and this one is no different. Sophie Oak’s characters are funny, full of life and take care of their own. They give new meaning to the word family.

Just like all the other Bliss, Colorado stories, I couldn’t stop reading this one until I was finished with it. The story flows so well and keeps you enthralled the entire time. While the characters are all loveable and funny as hell, none of them are perfect, and they love each other, flaws and all.

And just like all the other Bliss stories, the sex in this one is HAWT! Hot cowboys engaging in hot sex with their wife, or almost wife (who’s keeping track on that one?). Sophie Oak definitely delivers on the sex scenes. No holds barred on that front.

Each Bliss, Colorado book is complete by itself and can stand-alone. However, I do recommend reading them in order. It helps you with some of the back story on the peripheral characters. It will make reading each subsequent book that much better, because you’ve already met them.  Their behavior won’t seem so off the wall then!

I can’t wait to read more from Bliss, Colorado. It looks like we’ll be getting another installment as two more men were introduced to the town in the story, and they’re looking for their wife. How long must I wait?

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Maria D. said...

Good review! I have the original Bliss series on my Kindle and need to read it so that I can start on this spinoff series


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