Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Review: Capturing Cora by Madelynne Ellis

This book was so adorable! It started out as boys versus girls in a game of "skittles".  

Miss Cora Reeve is in love with Branwell (Bran) and has been since childhood. When he proposes marriage to her, she is hurt, assumes it's a joke and turns him down in front of his peers.

Bran must convince Cora that he is sincere with his proposal. He has longed for her for quite some time now. He needs to prove she is not another play in his game in the correct gentlemanly way. When Bran and Cora are thrown into a game of hide and seek, it turns hot and Bran shows Cora a sensual side of him. But was it enough to make Cora believe he truly wants a marriage with her?

The book was probably no more than 60 pages and was historical in language. A nice short love story!


Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review - sounds like the perfect lunch time read:)

Anonymous said...

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