Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Review: Avoiding Responsibility by K.A. Linde

To sum it up: Lexi has finally given up her once destructive relationship and moved onto bigger and better things, namely Ramsey Bridges. But things are amiss with her new beau and she discovers things about him and his past that would make any girl turn the other way. And she's not sure his past can coincide with hers.

A year after his entrance into her life, he's trying to make amends and does the one thing she never expects: invites her to a wedding... Jack's wedding. Find out what happens to Lexi as she deals with all the twists and turns that proceed from that question, throw in a few new players to shake up the mix, and don't forget all her old partners in crime.

While I was stalking K.A. Linde's facebook page... (I know, I know... I'm a BIG fan, hehe!) ...I noticed that she posted a picture of what she thought would be a great Lexi- and I couldn't agree more! This is actually exactly how I pictured her:


Warning: If you thought Avoiding Commitment was angst-ridden, you haven’t seen anything yet. This book will bring on full-fledge anxiety attacks!


Before reading this review, if you haven’t read book one yet, (Avoiding Commitment) please do yourself a favor and don’t read this until you’ve finished it! This review will spoil the first book for you if you haven’t read it yet… and trust me: you DO NOT want to ruin anything!

I'm sad to say, that this emotional roller-coaster has officially ended. *sniff, sniff* Both books are now considered personal favorites of mine- I've truly never read a book that effected me as much as these two books did... especially this one. Holy freaking angst. This book had my emotions all over the place, that's for sure! ...and no worries- it was definitely in a good amazing way!

First and foremost...


He is the epitome of the perfect hero. *sigh* (And he's officially my new favorite book boyfriend.) I went into this book thinking that Jack would hold the number one place in my heart, but after getting to know Ramsey on a much more personal level... there are just no words. He's such a good man inside and out, and his loyalty for Lexi never failed. It was one of the things I loved most about him... and trust me, the list could definitely go on and on when it comes to this man.

Lexi... bless her heart, that woman has gone through more ups and downs in this lifetime then I've experienced, that's for sure! I'd be sitting in therapy every day forever, if I had gone through some of the issues she dealt with. For so long, she couldn't ever remember loving anyone else but Jack. But love to her had always meant pain, and brought disappointment. Never once had she ever been loved completely by someone who felt the same way. Jack always came with complications... lies... infidelity... you name it. It's what made giving her heart away to Ramsey, so difficult. But that man sure did open up a new part of her that she didn't even know existed- Jack might have still had a place in her heart, but her feelings for Jack dissipated when compared to Ramsey.

There's so much more I could say in this review- trust me, I have a bunch of emotions bottled up inside of me that are ready to bust loose! But if I started now, the venting wouldn't stop, hehe. Not to mention, I really want everyone to get the same enjoyable experience as I did out of the book, so if less needs to be said in my review for that to happen then so be it. I do have two things to say though, that won't give anything away:

I still hate despise Bekah.


Chyna is seriously the BEST best friend anyone could ever ask for.

I'm totally spent after reading both of these amazing books- K.A. Linde is seriously a new favorite author of mine, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this book to anyone! Do yourselves a favor and READ. THIS. NOW.


Alicia said...

Where can you find this book? I couldn't find it on amazon or IBook. I finished the first one yesterday and was hoping to start the second one but can't find it.

Taryn @MySecretRomance said...

Hi Alicia,

This copy that was reviewed was a free copy. Avoiding Responsibility has been pulled for editing and publication. If you check out K.A. Linde's facebook page, you will be up to date on everything. Hope that helps!!

Anonymous said...

OMG I cannot wait to read the book....PLEASE tell me who she ends up with! LMAO I cannot wait for the book I am dying over here!


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