Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: Twisted by Rebecca Zanetti

Shape shifting Cheerleaders

What do things have in common? Rebecca Zanetti’s Dark Protectors series. I am loving ever single one of these!

Twisted is a novella that involved a couple of periphery characters from earlier stories. Having met these characters before we already know them and love them. So, Ms. Zanetti is able to jump into the story with both feet right off the bat! We also have the advantage of already knowing the backstory for the background on this novella. It’s nice and wonderful. Ms. Zanetti moves the story along with this one and provides us with a sweet story about two people looking for family. Looking for home.

Maggie is a shifter who was infected with a virus and she’s been able to fight the virus off. She’s on the hunt for a traitor. Terrent is a lone wolf. He’s a hunter and he’s not used to staying in one place.

Maggie doesn’t remember her past. Nothing from before being kidnapped by the Kurjans. Terrent remembers everything. He knows Maggie’s past and his own. All he has to do now is get her to remember.

I loved this novella. It was sweet, funny and full of passion!

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