Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: Training Their Mate by Vella Day

Liz was on a personal mission to kill the man who tormented and raped her mother over and over again throughout the years.  What Liz didn’t know about the man was that he was a werewolf and that he can’t just be killed.  When she is attacked and is rescued by the hot and sexy Trax she doesn’t know that there is more to the intense sexual heat she feels every time they get close.  Add in Dante, Trax’s brother, and the heat turns into a raging inferno.  Liz is unaware that Trax and Dante are werewolves as well, but they are the good guys and that she is their mate.  When she finds out how will she react, will she accept the two men that she has quickly fallen in love with, or will she turn her back and walk away? 

Training Their Mate is the first book in the Pack Wars series.  I am a huge fan of paranormal books, especially shifter books and I feel that this was a good start to the series.  The sex scenes are smoking hot, especially when Trax and Dante take Liz into their play room.  Trax is the Dom, while Dante is more laid back but still likes some control.  I loved Dante’s character as well as Trax’s need for everything to be controlled.  Liz, at first I wasn’t so sure of, but she warmed up to me the more I read. 

This is pretty short, longer than a Novella but shorter than a true Novel.  I would love to see the future books in this series expanded a little more so that we can get more from these hot as hell wolves.  I am curious to see how this series will play out and want to read more in the future.

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