Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review: Protecting What's His by Tessa Bailey

I'm sorry, but what was so great about this book again? Oh yeah... Nothing. I was bored throughout the entire novel and quite honestly, I found absolutely no point to the story-line what-so-ever. It was your typical cheesy romance novel featuring a heroine too scared to have a relationship due to mommy issues and a hero who thinks he's the baddest of the bad because he's a cop. Be right back...

I mean, can we get a little creativity please? ...Oh, and just a little. FYI: You will literally read about the hero's hard-on every thirteen seconds.

The heroine smiles? He gets a hard on. 
The heroine gets jealous? He gets a hard on. 
The heroine blinks? He gets a hard on. 

I mean for the love of God... The man was literally a walking commercial for Viagra. Aside from that, he was just too much of a hard-ass for my taste and I really didn't feel like he had any special qualities that made him one-of-kind, aside from a dirty mouth. As for the heroine Ginger, she was your typical smart-mouthed heroine- My favorite type to read about... Not. Oh, and of course every guy who had ever laid eyes on her thought she was the world's most beautiful woman. I just... I can't.

She supposedly had a heart-breaking back story but since the book lacked major character development and depth, none of those details were really elaborated on.

Also, when it came to the romance between Derek and Ginger I just didn't buy it. I felt like the entire relationship was based on sex and physical attraction. These two characters had never even went on an actual date, yet I was supposed to buy that they were in love? It just wasn't happening.

Over-all, I just don't really have that much to say about this book. The story and characters both lacked depth... The writing was good, although very predictable... And the plot left a lot to be desired. If that's the type of book that floats your boat then by all means, don't miss out on this story. Unfortunately for me though, this book just ended up being a meh read because once again I fell victim to all of the misleading high ratings and reviews.

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