Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Review: Man Candy By Jessica Ingro

He's too sexy…

When Ben Harris agreed to fill in as a cover model at an author signing he wasn’t sure what to expect, but women throwing themselves at him, numbers being stuffed in his pocket, and covert attempts at getting into his hotel room definitely wasn’t it. On the other hand, there is the hottie assistant he can’t keep his eyes off...

...for her love.

Clarissa Darling is always eager to be her cousin’s assistant at signings, but the one thing she wasn’t planning on this time around is the sexy man candy posing for pictures at her table. The last thing she needs is another womanizing playboy chasing after her.

Ben is determined to show Clarissa that he’s more than just a pretty face and smoking body. He’s betting on wearing her down and weakening her resistance. Will one taste of this man candy be all it takes to have her craving more?

Jessica Ingro is one of my go to authors, she has been ever since I read Love Squared (if you haven’t read it yet seriously pick it up and read it) so I was excited when I found out that she would be releasing another book.  Hell that cover alone made me want to lick my screen, I didn’t, or did I? I had to put off reading it because I had been dealing with some things and finally got enough time to squeeze it into my hectic schedule.

I wanted to absolutely love Man Candy but I ended up liking it just not loving it.  It literally kills me to type that sentence, trust me when I say that.  I loved Ben, I loved his manwhore brother Tanner, I loved the premise behind Man Candy, hell I love to drool over some sexy as sin male models, I loved the authors, but what I had a problem with was Clarissa.  For me, she took away from the book.  She was seriously at times just plain stupid in my opinion.  She couldn’t figure out her own mind if a big light up arrow with flashing lights pointed at the correct answer if she tried. Ben is what saved it for me.  He was a sweet guy who wanted to prove that he was good enough for her even when she would push him away.  He may have a past but trust me it’s not like you would think.  He portrays what we all hope some of these male models are deep down, good guys with hot bodies that have huge hearts and fall hard when they meet the right woman.  Sadly too many aren’t like that even in fiction. 

Would I recommend Man Candy to my friends?  Yes I would because it is a really good book that will make you laugh, turn you on and show that you shouldn’t judge a book or man by his cover.  

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