Friday, April 17, 2015

Review: Take Me Away By S. Moose

After breaking up with her long time boyfriend, Jackson DeLacey, eighteen-year-old Zara Borzilleri promises herself to focus on school and play the game she loves. Stepping foot onto the lacrosse field, in front of a cheering crowd, pushes aside the pain and reminds her of the future ahead at least until she graduates in four years.

Lacrosse star Treston 'The King' Parker dominates the field and to everyone else he has it all. Behind closed doors he's just Treston Parker- a monster full of secrets, deep, dark secrets only he knows. He won't allow anyone to get close and for the past two years he's kept his promises to her, but never his last promise: falling in love again.

One weekend he gives in and everything changes when he meets Zara. The rules change and she sees Treston for who he truly is, not what everyone else sees. But to Treston, meeting Zara means nothing, even though her blue eyes invades his mind.

We can be friends, but don't ask about my past or where I go. 

He draws the lines.
She erases his lines.

Can Zara help Treston escape his painful past before he sinks deeper into oblivion?

I am sitting here trying to write my review of Take Me Away and I am torn about what to write.  I liked Take Me Away overall but at times I was rolling my eyes at both Zara and Treston but sadly the majority of my eye rolling was because of Zara.  Treston is in no way shape or form an angel but the more you learn about him and his past you can kind of give him a little leeway in regards to him being a massive asshat at times.  Zara almost had this aura of I’m a better person than you and even if I may be wrong at times it is all on you no matter how wrong I may be.  Now don’t get me wrong at times she had every right to be a massive bitch to Treston but after a while her attitude and actions just got old.  Maybe I could see beneath the pain that Treston tried to hide but deep down he was a great guy who sadly lost someone he loved very much at a young age and it changed him.  Watching Treston not only move past his pain and become a better person made me love him more.

I wonder if this is a case of me just not connecting with the book because I have read other books by this author before and really enjoyed them.  I am also curious to see if she will be turning this into a series later on because I would be interested in some stories for the rest of the characters as well.

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