Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Review: Rattle Me By Ryan Michele

After a devastating loss, hope breathes again.

Test after test, the lives of G.T. and Casey are about to take a huge turn. 

Emotions and pain cut deep, and fear burns inside daily. 

Can Casey relax enough to avoid undo stress? 

Can GT handle having zero control?

“This is definitely going to be one hell of a wild ride.”

I am going to be pretty blunt with the next few sentences.  When I first read Casey and GT’s story in Seduce Me I hated Casey with a passion.  She was annoying, weak and overall a character that personally I wouldn’t have shed a tear if she happened to be run over by a motorcycle.  Don’t get me started on the whole Mia thing either, that will begin a totally new rant all together.  So when I started to read Rattle Me to say I didn’t have high hopes would be an understatement.  But slowly, ever so slowly I got more and more interested in what I was reading.  I began to let go of some of those things I hated about Casey and started to enjoy the storyline.  I was getting excited to see what Casey and Gt were going to have and what they were going to name the baby.

 If you haven’t read Seduce Me yet then this next bit will be a spoiler and I apologize but you have been warned.  First let me say this.  I have never miscarried a baby, I thought I was with my daughter but I got lucky so I do not know the pain that a mother feels when that happens.  It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t break my heart for any mother who has suffered that type of loss, but the way Casey couldn’t move past it I just couldn’t understand.  And that is not me being heartless in any way I am just being honest.  But I was so proud of her the way she slowly got more and more excited about the pregnancy, and in a way I think it began to heal her.  I am very happy that the author decided to give Casey and GT the happiness that they didn’t have in their book.  I can safely say that my hatred of Casey has been moved to like. 

I really am looking forward to find out what Ms. Michele  has planned for the rest of her readers, and I am even looking forward to see what other happiness Casey and GT may have in their future.

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