Thursday, April 2, 2015

Review: Elements of Chemistry: ATTRACTION (Hypothesis Series Book 1) by Penny Reid

One week.
Private beach.
Invisible girl.
Jerk-faced bully.
What’s the worst that could happen?

Kaitlyn Parker has no problem being the invisible girl, which is why she finds herself hiding in various cabinets and closets all over her college campus. Despite her best efforts, she can’t escape the notice of Martin Sandeke—bad boy, jerkface bully, and the universe’s hottest, wealthiest, and most unobtainable bachelor—who also happens to be Kaitlyn’s chemistry lab partner.

Kaitlyn might be the only girl who isn’t interested in exploiting his stunning rower’s build, chiseled features, and family's billionaire fortune. Kaitlyn wants Martin for his brain, specifically to tabulate findings of trace elements in surface water.

When Kaitlyn saves Martin from a nefarious plot, Martin uses the opportunity to push Kaitlyn out of her comfort zone: spring break, one week, house parties, bathing suits, and suntan lotion. Can she overcome her aversion to being noticed? Will he be able grow beyond his self-centered nature? Or, despite their obvious chemistry, will Martin be the one to drive Kaitlyn into the science cabinet of obscurity for good?
Awesome, splendid, amazing, wonderful, impressive…if you have no clue why I’m writing a bunch of synonyms for awesome, then you clearly haven’t read the book yet. And you need to. You NEED to read this book. No lie, I was handed this book in bar. A crowded bar. Surrounded by friends and laughter. What do I do? I open to the first page to quickly skim the contents and end up completely zoning everyone and everything around me out. In. A. Bar! I was immediately swept up in the story. I had to see it to the end, no matter my location.

Attraction is a sweet, sexy and quirky story about the jock who falls for the geek. How awesome is that?! Kaitlyn, the heroine, is super smart and equally nervous around guys. Hot guys. One hot guy in particular, Martin. She’s comfortable hiding behind her baggy clothes, sneakers, and surrounded by lab beakers. What does she need a man in her life for? Especially, Martin, who makes her pulse race and girly parts awaken. Pfft…she doesn’t need him. They are strictly lab partners, nothing more. She’s noticed the way he treats women anyway. That boy is nothing but a heartbreaker. Player. Nope, she definitely does not want anything to do with him outside of the lab. Unfortunately or maybe not, Martin HAS taken notice of her. And he very much likes what he sees.

Martin is the ultimate, all-American, good-looking, jock. He comes from a wealthy family, which makes him easy prey for many girls looking to be the one to tame him. Except one girl. Kaitlyn. She keeps her distance from him, much to his disappointment. But, when she steps out of her comfort zone to warn him of an impending danger, he jumps at the opportunity to not let her shirk back into her old self. Martin sees the beauty beneath. Even if she doesn’t…or doesn’t believe it.

I LOVED this story! LOVED IT! There wasn’t one dull moment. It was brilliant and well told. And of course left me screaming for more when I reached the end because this was only part 1 of a 3 part book. *drops to knees and throws head back to wail* noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I loved seeing Kaitlyn blossom around Martin, and Martin isn’t the complete jerk-face Kaitlyn thinks he is (she just doesn't fully realize that yet). Their chemistry is sensual and sizzling. They challenge each other and go so damn well together. I cannot wait for the next installment.

Seriously, I highly recommend this one. Add it to your bookshelves. Now. Attraction releases on April 9th, but don’t worry, you can pre-order.

*Arc handed to me in a bar, A BAR, by a friend who knows me well and shares my passion for reading.
Releases April 9, 2015
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