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Blog Tour: Fall Out Girl By L. Duarte

Imagine a social outcast: Me. (Luna)
Imagine a popular boy: Him. (Caleb)
Sound like the characters of a cliché story, right? Here, hold my hand. Come away with me. I’ll tell you my story, and you’ll decide. 
But I have a warning: Proceed at your own risk.  Since it’s a snippet of my life, I’m one of the main characters. And to put it lightly, I’m not the most likable person in the world, cue the earned label.  Also, unlike fairy tales, my story is real with a dash of sorrow and loss. 
How do I start? Once upon a time…? Shoot me now, please. 
The beginning? No, too boring.
Well, let’s start with the catalytic moment that set in motion a chain of events that changed my life, yet again.
As for a happily ever after? Sorry, no spoilers here. You’re going to have to figure that one out on your own. After you read my tale, it becomes yours, and as such, you’re entitled to your interpretation.
So, off we go! 
Fasten your seat belts. This ride may get bumpy.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: Due to strong language and graphic sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.
I’m not exactly sure what to say about Fall Out Girl to be honest.  I started out really liking it even with the young adult type of feel I was getting at times, but then it just went down fast.  Luna’s character just kind of called to me.  I could tell that under her hard ass bitch attitude that there was more to her, slowly and slowly that hard exterior breaks and it is because of Caleb.  Luna is a drug dealer but before you judge her, I have always believed that you have to do what you have to do to survive.  For her and her cousin, she did what she had to do to survive and while what she did was illegal it came from a good place in her heart.  I loved Caleb from the start but then, I really wanted to just punch him in the balls because he not only crushed Luna’s heart, he stomped on the fragileness of the true Luna. 

So I am sure you are wondering why I didn’t love it if I felt those emotions I just told you about.  Here is why.  I understand plot twists and the need to keep your readers on the edge of your seat but if you don’t do it correctly then you will lose your reader’s attention and sadly that is what happened with me.  I should have expected what happened but I had really hoped there would be more to it.  Hell I can even understand why it happened but it for some reason just pissed me off something fierce.  I am not saying that I didn’t like this book, I did I just didn’t love it and felt a little let down.  But I want you to form your own opinion, maybe it is a case of its not the book it’s me, which happens more than one would think.  I will say this, I hope that there will be another book to maybe expand on what we have already read as well as go into the future if that makes sense.  So give Fall Out Girl a chance, I am glad I did even with what didn’t work for me.

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I have found that there is only one thing better than reading, and that is writing. I’m always torn between the two. I’m also frequently torn between chocolate and coffee. However, I emphatically don’t like the month of February, lies, and flies. For me, bravery is defined by the courage to do what we fear the most. I live in Connecticut with my husband and two children. Drop a few lines. I would love to hear from you.


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