Monday, April 6, 2015

Review: Undercover By Kasey Milstead

In out, in out. I watch my cock sliding in and out of the club whore's pussy. My gut tightens, not with desire in the lead up to my climax, but in disgust. I squeeze my eyes shut, praying the image isn't burned into my retinas. I hate my fucking job...

When FBI Special Agent, Roman 'Oak' Drake, infiltrated the Zephyrs MC, he expected to find a lot of things - all of them illegal. What he didn't expect to find was the beautiful brunette serving drinks behind the bar at Club Z.

Willa Burke spends her nights serving drinks at Club Z. It's not the life she imagined for herself, but sometimes you don't get a choice; you just have to do what you can to get by. 

Outside of working for them, she'd never shown an interest in the Zephyrs.

Until she met Oak. The tall, wide, muscled man with skin the color of burned caramel and eyes a shade lighter than melted chocolate. 

She wants him. 

He wants her. 

She's good and clean. 

He's good and clean pretending to be bad and dirty for the sake of his career.

When Oak brings the Zephyrs to their knees, will it also mean the end for Willa and him? Or, will it strengthen their bond?

Undercover is a stand alone novel with a happy-ever-after.

I will be the first to admit that I am a sucker for a good MC novel.  There is something about a sexy alpha male who also is a biker that is just irresistible to me.  There are a lot of MC romance books out there, some that are amazing, some that are  great, some that are good, some that are just okay and then there are the oh lord what were they thinking when they wrote this kind.  For me, Undercover falls somewhere in the good category.  It had the potential to be great but just fell a little short of being great.  Why you may ask, well it was because while this is a quicker read it felt rushed.  Honestly it could have been longer and I would have read it because I just wanted more. 

Oak was sexy and I wanted more of him, I honestly was intrigued by who he really was and his feelings towards Willa.  Willa was the perfect mix of sweet and innocent that her character didn’t cower when she needed to stand up for herself.  I also want to more about Willa’s brother.

I am not sure if the author plans on writing another book about these guys but if so, then I will be reading it.  It was a good start to a series that could end up being great if done right.  Undercover was a quick sexy read that I enjoyed and wanted more of when it ended.

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