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Whisper Cape by Regan Walsh

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Whisper Cape: A fictional town on the Oregon coast, home to Addison McKenna, a human being with supernatural powers who has yet to discover them.

If somebody were to use that as a tag line for a television show, I would watch it. Whisper Cape is a joyful read from beginning to end! This is what I would call a paranormal romance story: A REAL Paranormal Romance story.

Addison is your normal girl of 26. She is now on her own after her father recently died from an animal attack. Thru the first few chapters she doesn't know anything about her father's secret life, her own powers, or the mysterious guy she almost ran over on the highway. Instead, she's focused on rebuilding her life, possibly dating and meeting new people. Her best friend, Darcy, is the best supporter a friend could ask for. What I liked about Addison is she proved to be a fighter. I love characters with strong personalities that standout. But she wasn't alone.  Gerry and the rest of the crew of the Cliff Hanger played important roles in her development as an independent woman. All of them play a special part in Addie's life.

Cael's character is wonderful also. His attraction to Addie is notorious. But he doesn't want his feelings for Addie to interfere with his duty, yet he can't deny (and neither will you if you read this story) that he is absolutely head over heels for her. It's so sweet how loving and caring he is. Mrs. Walsh creates this story with characters who have the strength to be tough when the opportunity arises and loving and caring when they need to be. That is Cael indeed.  His powers are way more developed than Addie's. Cael takes on the task of training Addie as much as he can. He wants her to be aware of her of powers so she can use them and defend herself. Cael and Addie's love is magical in many ways. The attraction they have for each other is undeniable. Mrs Walsh knows how to write beautiful love scenes: absolutely delicate and sensual, just as they should be. The more they fell in love with each other, Addie and Cael became one.

Addie gets support from Gerry and Maia.  Maia is her aunt, who happens to be her only living relative left. She is eleven years her senior and also plays the role of her sister, mother, friend and confident. They love each other unconditionally. Maia's boyfriend Gerry is the owner of the Cliff Hanger, the bar where Addie works. He also protects her with what seems to be "brotherly love".  Addie's friends, Jared and Darcy, are great examples of second chances at love. The side story going on with them is really emotional and heartfelt, as well as reflective.

One of the coolest things about this book, I think, is the suspense. It involves a lot of mystery that leaves you wondering who or what is the bad guy. Yes, WHO or WHAT. This supernatural being which is described as a "demon" can take any form and has powers beyond imagination. But what he lacks is a master mind. He isn't capable enough to achieve his goal of stealing the one thing he came to Whisper Cape to get. I suspected several of the characters throughout the story. I  kept on thinking the villain would just pop out from anywhere at any moment. In the end, it was somebody who you really were not paying attention to. I loved that! The way Mrs. Walsh threads the plot with suspense and mystery will keep you guessing until the end of the book!

Overall, this book was a great treat.
This story will capture your heart and keep you turning the pages until the very end.  It's packed with sensual romance and suspense with a great story line that keeps moving. I would love to have that fireball power Addie has to toast some bad guys :)

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Tina B said...

Wow! Thank you for such a great review without any spoilers. I had already added this to my TBR when I read the blurb, but now it is at the TOP! I love paranormal romance, especially with suspense. I was enthralled with the review and wanted you to keep telling me about it. ;)
Congrats on your book, Regan!


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