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Sweet Justice by Christy Reece

5 Stars
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I am going to try and be as honest and faithful as I can when it comes to reviewing this book. Not only have I loved every novel in the Last Chance Rescue series, I have also come to really enjoy Christy Reece as a person and not just an author. If you follow Christy's blog or her facebook page, you will see that she is not only devoted to her books, but her fans as well. She answers every comment and question that comes her way. I did have the privilege of meeting her at the RWA Literacy Signing in New York City and what a down to earth woman she is! I felt instantly comfortable with her and liked her even more. She was the number one person I wanted to meet there and I am so happy I got the chance to. Some authors have the ability to move and evoke emotion out of you more so than others, and Christy's books do it to me every time. If you haven't read her books yet, well, you don't know what you are missing. Ok, now on to my review!

This is the 7th book in the Last Chance Rescue series and it ranks right up there with the rest of her novels in this series. The book starts off exploring the relationship between Honor Stone, an FBI agent, and Seth Cavanaugh. Seth is an undercover cop trying to take down the evil Hector Clemmons when he decides they must end their relationship. Seth never had any intentions of starting a relationship with anyone, but sometimes you find love in the places where you least expect it. Not only does Seth make the decision to ruthlessly end his relationship with Honor, but he also shuts out his family in the process. He knows what Clemmons is capable of and will go to any length he has to to protect the ones he loves, including Honor....even if it means ruining his character.

5 years later.

Now an ex-cop, Seth Cavanaugh calls Noah McCall, leader of the Last Chance Rescue team, in an effort to find his missing niece. She has gone mysteriously missing and the cops have no leads. Seth flies into Paris to talk with Noah about his missing niece. It's surprise surprise for Seth when Honor walks into the meeting room to discuss the operation of finding his niece, along with other young woman who have gone missing which the LCR team believes they are all being kidnapped by the same person. Teams are formed and Seth and Honor are working together to find the missing woman. Not only are they working hard on the case, they are also working hard on not having feelings for each other again, which is inevitable. You can feel the chemistry they had from the beginning. Honor had her heart broken when Seth left her five years ago, but little does she know so did Seth. While Seth and Honor are working together, we meet the most vile villain I have ever read, Alden Pike. He is the epitome of a villain. Alden Pike is a grotesque, malicious, vindictive sadist. He and his daughter, Tabitha, are evil to the core and yet I could not stop reading this book. Alden believes that woman are placed on this earth to pleasure men and see to their mates needs first before themselves. He opens Tranquility, a cult-like place far far out of reach of civilization. For 15 years, Alden has been kidnapping young shy college girls and forcing them to undergo extensive training in order for them to be what he believes is the proper mate.

This is a wonderfully written, romantic-suspense novel. It brought tears to my eyes a couple of times and put me on the edge of my seat a few times through out this book. I wanted so much for Seth's family to come around and understand what he went through when he had to desert them. I wanted Honor to forgive Seth for the past. I wanted the woman of Tranquility to be saved. I wanted Alden and Tabitha Pike to die. And most of all I wanted Honor and Seth to have the future they were meant to have.

There are a few lines that I thought needing listing from the book.

Alden was the only man who was allowed the outlet of divorce. Staying satisfied and free of worry enabled him to be a better leader. He'd made that clear to his people from the beginning. Not that he would ever consider divorce. A man who could not control his woman was not a man. He'd had only three wives....all of them had agreed to his request that they leave him. Once a month, as a show of respect, he visited their graves.

"Yes, daughter, you have permission to kill your brother."
-Alden to Tabitha

She couldn't let herself love him again. Taking pleasure for pleasures sake could only last so long. When the heartbreak came again, as it inevitably would, it would be bad; she refused to be caught in that tidal wave again. She'd been there, done that, and still had the crack in her heart to prove it.

"Sleep with me tonight."
Whirling around, Seth started at her. "What?"
"If you go in there, you'll stay up all night, reading those files. You need to get some rest." Sensuality and arousal erasing the exhaustion from his face, he advanced toward her. "So sleeping with me is really for my health?"

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